Nasty Beggar in Boon Lay Scolds People Who Didn’t Give Him Money

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We give our sympathy to those who needs financial help. However, in this case, this beggar had our sympathy on hold from the way that he treated people who didn’t give him money. 

Sympathy on hold

There have been sightings upon an old man asking diners at Boon Lay Place Food Centre for money every morning. According to Stomp, the man will avoid drawing attention to himself by sitting with a diner. He would then ask the diner for some money to buy a meal. 

What if you refuse to give him money? He will start scolding you.

‘Why $1 you also don’t have, I only ask $1, not much why you don’t give, your handphone few hundred dollars why no have $1 to give me, government never give me work, you work got money, why cannot give to old man like me…..‘


Also, most of the stall owners at the hawker centre are aware of the man’s antics and do not take the man’s orders as he does not pay for his food. He will tend to sit with you till you either take your food and change table or just give him money.

Netizens commented that it is very sad and very nasty that he doesn’t want to work and has to resort to this.

What do you think?

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