Even Nicole Seah Has Jumped on the Uncle Raymond Bandwagon


Uncle Raymond has been making waves, from dancing outside MRT stations to dancing at polytechnics and even getting an award at the National Day Parade Appreciation Function.

He’s been gathering crowds from left and right to dance on TikTok to a song called “A Century of Loneliness” by Faye Wong.

Nowadays, there’s also a new trend about Uncle Raymond.

The idea is to film anything bald or round while using a new audio. And that’s all.

Why film bald people? Because of Uncle Raymond’s signature style—his bald hair cut and a red striped polo top.

It’s so viral that even Nicole Seah, a member of the Worker’s Party, has caught on.

Seah uploaded a video on Sunday (28 August) and featured her election agent, Edward. Yes, he was bald.

The audio’s lyrics were, “Eh musibot Uncle Raymond sio,” followed by a string of random words in the tune of “A Century of Loneliness”.

Seah’s video has since garnered over 71,000 views and 2,568 likes.

Netizens also rushed to the comments to support Seah, with some hoping for her to get elected in the upcoming General Election.

Who is Uncle Raymond?

So who is this guy who made a member of the opposition Worker’s Party film a TikTok in reference to him?

Almost always sporting a red polo tee and bald hair cut, Uncle Raymond or Raymond Lin is a tall male in his 50s.

His TikTok career took off when a video of himself dancing at a traffic junction in Ang Mo Kio went viral.

From then on, he has been making videos to that very same dance and while some may find it repetitive, most love it.

It does seem like the trend is dying though.

His videos used to hit above 10,000 but now, most of his TikToks are only receiving half the attention of what he once had.

Then again trends are trends, they come and go but Uncle Raymond might be here to stay as he’s also been making new dances to other audios.


But at the end of the day, Uncle Raymond seems like a grateful man and captions most of his videos with, “Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move.”

A Weird Spin-Off Trend from Uncle Raymond

While the popularity of Uncle Raymond is fading off, the spinoff trend that Seah did is gaining traction.

The filming bald people with the audio now has over 5,000 videos, with many people using the bald filter effect since it’s easier to find someone without masks than someone bald.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@nicoleseah.sg)