Man Had Nightmare About 4D Number, Bought Them & Eventually Won S$6.8 Million


Nightmares are supposed to foresight negative events in your life, but apparently, that is not the case for this overnight millionaire.

And interestingly, it was a nightmare about being robbed.

Being S$6.8 Million Richer 

The 68-year-old Malaysian retiree, according to The Sun Daily, won the TOTO 4D Jackpot on October 9, winning RM22,832,968.10 from the total RM24,974,321.89 Jackpot 1.

The event came about from a nightmare the man dreamt of, where he was getting robbed.

If you’re a believer in dreams being a channel for messages from your inner consciousness or some supernatural forces, you may already know that having nightmares about being robbed connotes that one is likely to be terrified for their safety or experiencing other worries.

These nightmares may also double as warning signs that something or someone isn’t as safe as it first appears to be. Or perhaps, it could be a subliminal message one is dreading losing something else that is dear to them, such as their relationship or their career.

Basically, these nightmares portend insecurity.

Yet, instead of brushing it off as bad foresight, the man made the bold choice to wager on the dream-related numbers 1592 & 4412 for three consecutive draws.

And lord and behold, he was soon lavishly rewarded with a vast fortune.

But the lucky winner didn’t claim his prize until a week later because he wanted to celebrate with his kids when they got back to Malaysia.

With the newfound wealth, the father plans to share it with his children and hoped that they would make good use of the money.


Now that’s a happy ending for them, and hopefully, the nightmare stays as a dream.

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Other Lucky Winners

Seems like everyone’s become rich, except for us.

In September this year, a Malaysian man working in Singapore as a supervisor in a trading company became the winner of the Supreme Toto 6/58 draw.

Some of the winning numbers, 1, 3, 9, 11, 26, and 47, were his “favorites,” on which he frequently staked.

Although he won S$9.8 million, he hasn’t yet spent it on fun. In actuality. the man wants to keep working as a supervisor for the time being rather than retire. He was instead, concentrating on paying off his mortgage and maybe purchasing a few houses as investments.

Earlier this year, two lucky winners won the $10,713,876 cash prize from the Group 1 Prize Tota draw. Both of them walked away with the grand prize of S$5.36 million each.

I guess if you ever dreamed about getting robbed, or any nightmare henceforth, maybe take that as a God-given sign that you might become an overnight millionaire.

But also remember that you are just one out of the hundreds or thousands of punters out there, so how confident are you really that lady luck decides that it will be your day?

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