67YO Man Warns Others Not to Buy Certain Sexual Health Products After They ‘Didn’t Work’


There are a lot of activities that we can engage in after retirement, but getting scammed by *certain* kinds of products is definitely something that we don’t want happening to us.

Unfortunately, one elderly man fell into that very trap, losing copious amounts of his hard-earned money to sexual health products that ended up being…not very effective.

Contacted Consultant After Seeing Online Advertisement

The 67-year-old part-time clerk, whose surname is Lin, told Shin Min Daily News about his experience.

He mentioned that he first saw an online advertisement that promoted sexual health products last August. The advertisements claimed that the products would help increase an individual’s sexual function, which prompted Lin to contact the consultant listed in the advertisement.

The consultant, who was based overseas, then recommended a type of medication to him, claiming that it would allow him to last for 20 minutes during sex.

Lin decided to try the pills and spent $420 on a treatment plan. Soon, he had a few bottles of pills delivered to him.

Lin also shared that the first batch of products that he tried had “some effect”, but things soon returned to normal afterwards. He told the consultant about it and the consultant advised him to try another product, which came in the form of pills and patches.


The Second Product and Lim’s Doubt

Lim soon received more bottles and patches, which had no effect on him. This caused Lim to start doubting the legitimacy of the product,

Lin then received more bottles, and a few patches, which did not work and caused him to doubt the product.

However, after hearing the consultant talk about various success stories regarding the product, he relented and decided to pay for three more courses of treatment.

Over a period of five months, Lin eventually forked out a total of $17,000.


In his interview, he also noted that the packaging of the medication became increasingly fancier. For example, he started off the treatment plan only receiving small bottles of pills, but he started receiving more “high-class” items such as gift boxes after a period of time.

The treatment fees also got more expensive as time went on.

Effects of Medication on Lin After Five Months

After going through the treatment for five months, Lin realised that his sexual stamina had only increased by around one or two minutes, far from the 20 minutes that was advertised.

“I felt that I had been scammed,” he admitted.

Additionally, when he brought this issue up to the consultant, the consultant asked for him to go for a health check-up for his kidneys. However, doctors concluded that Lin was not suffering from any form of kidney disease.

Thereafter, the consultant assured Lin by telling him that he would ask a professor for advice regarding Lin’s condition.

However, Lin was unable to contact the consultant after that. According to Lin, the consultant’s WhatsApp display picture was also removed, and he had no means of reaching out to the consultant.

Lin also recounted his mindset at that point in time.

He explained, “I was constantly half-believing, half-doubtful.

“But I finally gave up hope when I received the medicine for a course of treatment, and found that the medicine bottle said ‘To treat the skin.'”


Lin’s Reflection

When speaking to Shin Min, Lin explained the reason behind why he wanted to make his experience and story public.

“I hope to use my experience to remind the public to think twice before buying similar drugs,” he said.

In his interview, he touched on how even though he is aware of his “old” age, he “still has needs” that need to be fulfilled.

Thereafter, Lin revealed his disappointment with regard to the treatment plans and lamented how he spent so much money on dozens of pills and medication. He also confessed that he was “too stupid” when choosing to go through with the process, and that he was not agile-minded enough when dealing with this issue.

“My salary isn’t much, the money was originally for my old age. I’m really regretful, [I] hope to be wiser about how I approach problems in the future,” he concluded.

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Regulations in Singapore

In Singapore, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) discourages individuals from buying sexual enhancement products that come from “dubious sources”, and has reminded Singaporeans to stay alert and safe while shopping for these products online.


The HSA has also released various advisories regarding this issue, noting down the main points that individuals should look out for when purchasing health products on the web.

For example, the advisories urge buyers to not purchase from “suspicious and shady sellers” who make “exaggerated claims” about their products, as these products may cause side effects that are greatly detrimental to the human body.

Rather, individuals should seek the advice of doctors when they consider trying out new health products. They should also refrain from buying products from unknown online sellers, and be aware of how products may be marketed with false claims.

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