IKEA Having Blue Rice & Ondeh Cake as Limited Edition Items


While many of us may only know IKEA for its meatballs, it clearly won’t be the case after you read this article.

As we usher in a new month, IKEA’s also doing its part by introducing new items to its menu. And while it may still take some time for us to travel around the world, why not travel the world with your tastebuds first at IKEA?

Chicken and Seafood Paella

Image: IKEA

If you’re craving some Spanish food in particular, you’ve come to the right place. Paella is a Spanish rice dish, and my mouth’s already watering after looking at the photos.

In IKEA’S new paella menu, there are two different types of protein that come along with the dish: chicken and seafood.

For the chicken paella, you’ll be able to get it at $9.50 if you’re an IKEA Family member, and $10.90 if you’re not.

Image: IKEA

As for the seafood paella, which comes with prawns and salmon, it will cost $13.50 for IKEA Family members and $14.90 for non-members.


The paella dishes will only be available during dinnertime (5 pm onwards) every Wednesday from 6 April to 25 May, so head on down to try this scrumptious dish before it runs out!

Lamb Shank Rendang with Mixed Vegetables and Mushroom Soup

Image: IKEA

As for those who want to get something that feels a little closer to home, IKEA’S got you covered too.

From now until 31 May, you can get a lamb shank rendang with mixed vegetables and mushroom soup set for $17.50 (IKEA Family price) or $19.50 (non-member) and dig into the succulent mutton infused with fragrant rendang spices!

Of course, don’t forget the side of mushroom soup as well.

Nasi Kerabu Chicken Leg

Image: IKEA

As for halal options, IKEA’s also introducing a brand-new nasi kerabu chicken leg set. Priced at $8.50, you’ll get to enjoy blue pea-coloured rice along with a variety of delicious condiments.

This dish will be available at IKEA stores from 1 April to 3 May, so mark your calendars!

Beef Cheek Rendang with Mashed Potato and Mushroom Soup

Image: IKEA

Another halal option that will be available from 1 April to 31 May at IKEA is the beef cheek rendang with mashed potato and mushroom soup ($16,90 for IKEA Family members, $18.50 for non-members).

A heartier and more filling meal than the some of the other options, this dish will definitely leave your belly (and heart) full.

Family Platter

Image: IKEA

If you’re heading to IKEA for a chill weeknight dinner with a friend or family from 1 April to 31 May, take note.

During this period of time, the FAMILY platter will be available for ordering from Monday to Friday, 5-7 pm.

With lamb shank, grilled chicken leg, two spring rolls, fries and mixed vegetables, as well as two Loka drinks, the $22.90 set can easily feed two! (Or one, if you’d like.)

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Mini Ondeh Cake

Image: IKEA

And because everyone loves ondeh ondeh (I’m serious. Everyone does.), IKEA’s also launching a new mini ondeh cake from now until 31 May! For just $3.50, you’ll get to sink your teeth into pandan and coconut goodness.

High Tea @ IKEA Jurong

Image: IKEA

#WestSideBestSide prevails again with IKEA rolling out a new high tea set for two, just for the month of April!

Priced at $7.90, you’ll get to enjoy apple cake, muffin, chocolate cake with crunchy caramel and 2 premium teas with your favourite high tea kaki, so remember to jio them ah!


The set will be available from 3-5 pm throughout the month of April, while stocks last.

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