No Singing Kaki? This Ingenious App Matches Others to Let You Sing Duets Alone

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This, well, is a first world problem: finding people to sing a duet with you in KTV.

Either that, or trying to get people to hear your singing (regardless of whether you sing well or not).

What if there’s an app that solves this problem immediately? Actually, there is, and it’s called 天籁K歌.

The premise is simple (yet surprising innovative, no?): for example, you want to sing 屋頂 (Wu Ding), but is alone at home (or maybe alone in a KTV room—I’m not judging). Simply download the app, and find, say, a duet whereby there’s a vocal for the female singer. You then just sing the male part.

The best part? That female singer isn’t Landy Wen (the original singer), but just another person who has the app and uploaded her version online.

And as you sing, you can record it—and replay it for others to hear. If you’re feeling daring, you can even upload it online, and hope that a record and management company spot you to be the next JJ Lin.

Want to hear a sample? Check this out (obviously, this isn’t me or anyone in the office lah).

You’ll also have a profile, much like a Facebook profile, whereby your fans can listen to all your songs. It’s just pretty shocking that after so many years, this was just invented, eh?

Here’s what a Taiwanese say about this ingenious app.

While it hasn’t quite taken off in Singapore yet, some people in Malaysia and Taiwan have become so addicted to the app that they’ve bought microphones just for this. Like, seriously.

After all, why waste money on KTV when you can do it at home for free?

However, there’s just one small catch: if you’re using an Android phone, you can’t just download it from the app store. You’ll have to, instead, download the app and install it into your phone. One extra step, save tens of dollars, and a chance to be the next Stefanie Sun; why not?

Featured Image: YouTube (TechaLook 中文台)

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