Non-influencers Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan Flirt Openly in Instagram

Everyone, including the resident cat in the Goody Feed office, knows that Jay Chou is probably one of the greatest fathers ever.

And everyone, including the resident cockroaches in the Goody Feed office, knows that Jay Chou is the sweetest husband in the world.

For example, the spoil-market husband bought 80% of his wife’s bags.

And the romantic husband rented an entire floor of a confinement hotel just so to provide more privacy for his wife, and also gave up his goal of having five children after seeing how painful giving birth is.

But all his antics are confined to the offline world, and it’s through third-party reports that people knew about his romantic acts.

However, the king of all Romeos has decided to take it to the next level, and all I can say is this: husbands / boyfriend, hide this article.

Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan Flirted Openly Online

I know, I know: if you’re a lady and are reading this, you probably claim that Jay Chou is your husband. However, in reality, Jay Chou is married to 25-year-old Hannah Quinlivan, and let’s just say that this golden couple would definitely last forever, so you can keep your dream a dream.

And for some reason that only the Chous could fathom, the beautiful pair decided that it was fun to flirt online simply because why not.

Last Sunday, Jay Chou posted this on his Instagram.


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🏰 Can anybody here paint this for me? #prague #oilpainting

A post shared by Jay Chou (@jaychou) on

Okay, no biggie. The non-influencer has always posted stuff like this, trying to act cool or whatot. Until you scroll through like thousands of comments (I kid you not, you’ve got to scroll through countless comments before you can find this) and see this:

Yah, it’s his own wife commenting on his picture.

And she’s not tagging her friends for a giveaway: she wrote this: “Hey Handsome, alone?”

I’m sure Jay Chou is going to go apesh—wait, no, he didn’t.

Because out of the thousands of comments, he has to specifically reply to that (if not he’ll be sleeping in the living room that night).

He typed, “Hahaha, are you a driver asking a passenger if he’s alone? Or a waiter asking a diner if he’s alone? Haha.”

It sounds weird considering that everyone’s commenting about how cheeky his wife is.

But The Jay Strikes Back

If you know Jay, you’ll know he’s not one who likes to lose.

Turns out he’s not going to lose out to his wife, too (How’s the sofa, Ah Chou?)

Three days later, Hannah posted this on her Instagram.



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Cutting my hair today !🌹

A post shared by Jen Wu (@hannah_quinlivan) on

Nothing interesting, just another girl telling us that she’s cut her hair…until you scroll through the hundreds of comments and see this:

Yeah, Jay Chou strikes back. In the exact words she has used three days ago: “Miss, are you alone?”

But no one has shown Jay Chou this image…


…because Hannah replied like a boss.

If you can’t read, it’s just a matter-of-fact sentence: “Married with two kid, sorry.”

Okay, bye, Jay. Despite Hannah’s weird performance in Skyscraper (let’s just say I wasn’t even aware that it was her), she just won a fan.


But of course, earlier this month, Jay also poked fun at his wife with this cheeky image:


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Why are u so handsome 😆 @hannah_quinlivan

A post shared by Jay Chou (@jaychou) on

Oh please, guys, get a room.

On second thoughts, maybe not. Flirt online all you want, because we love you guys.

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