Thai Influencer Who Scammed $77 Million Might Be Linked to $32 Million S’pore Couple Scammers

In the movie Catch Me If You Can, which is based on a true story, a teenager managed to scam millions of dollars in the 60s by pretending to be someone else.

In the 60s, it’s a tad easier and harder since the internet didn’t exist.

Easier because the victims couldn’t do their research online, and harder because the scammer would have to learn everything in real life.

But two things remain constant: you need to be convincing and confident, and most importantly, you don’t stop at one.

That’s what Thai influencer, Natthamon Khongchak, did, and what the luxury goods scammers, 27-year-old Singaporean Pi Jiapeng and his 27-year-old Thai wife, Pansuk Siriwipa, have done as well.

And like a Channel 8 drama with an ending that everyone expected, it’s now reported that the Thai influencer and the luxury goods couple could be related.

Thai Influencer Who Scammed $77 Million Might Be Linked to $32 Million S’pore Couple Scammers

By now, you should know everything about the Singapore luxury goods scammers.

If not, you can watch this two-minute summary on how they carried out their scam…

…and this two-minute summary on how they got caught in Malaysia:

Similar to them, another Thai is now on the run after scamming millions of dollars, and she has reportedly fled to Malaysia.

If they had submitted their scam proposals to Turnitin, they might be flagged.

Natthamon Khongchak, also known online as Nutty, has a sizable following on various social media platforms in addition to her more than 800,000 YouTube subscribers. She started promoting herself as a forex trading expert during the past year, claiming to have made 300,000 baht (~S$11,400) on one occasion in just 10 minutes.

The 29-year-old has since vanished from the internet following allegations that she defrauded hundreds of her fans of about two billion Thai baht (~S S$77 million) in investments they made in foreign currency with her.

More than 6,000 people allegedly lost money because she told them they could get returns of up to 35% or more in payments every month if they invested with her.

Over 100 people have complained to the authorities, and arrest warrants have been issued for Natthamon and her aide.

Victims have also pooled together a reward of five million baht (~$191,000) on her whereabouts.

Natthamon has reportedly fled to Malaysia.

Now, you’re not the only one who thinks it sounds surreally familiar.

Lieutenant-Colonel Wattana Ketumpai, the Thai police’s Cyber Crime Investigation Division 5 chief, told The Nation newspaper that officers are looking into her potential link to the well-known Singapore case who are accused of defrauding customers out of $32 million after failing to deliver on luxury goods.

However, the Royal Thai Police said that no link has been found…yet.

Maybe we need someone to snitch on her.

Similar to the luxury goods couple, Natthamon has promised to return the money before fleeing the country.

So, if all things go according to the script…we should be seeing her in the news again in about a month’s time.

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Featured Image: Nutty’s Diary & Shin Min Daily News