OCS Shorts, Which Are Red, Marketed as ‘CNY Items’ in Shopee


No, wearing your OCS singlet everywhere should not be a personality trait.

And neither should wearing your OCS shorts be.

And with the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, I seriously don’t think anyone will feel that being decked out in OCS merch will be the best attire to do your CNY visiting in.

Er, well, maybe Shopee does.

OCS Shorts Marketed as “CNY Items” in Shopee

With the CNY holiday coming up next week, TikTok user @pale.nerves was just like all of us, scrolling through Shopee to find some last-minute buys when he came across this interesting sight:

@pale.nervesy’all since when shopee and SAF got collab bro♬ original sound – Kai 💧

Erm, okay lah, at least the shorts are red.

I’m just not sure what your parents might think though, unless you’re telling me that your entire family’s going to wear OCS singlets and shorts to bainian (do CNY visiting) together.

In the TikTok, he jokingly questioned if SAF was having a collaboration with eMart, the store where NSmen can purchase their SAF-related equipment and attire.

I guess the most ironic part is that someone pointed out how he was wearing the OCS singlet while filming the video, although he quickly defended himself by saying how he was wearing the “authentic” version from the SAF eMart.

Image: TikTok (@pale.nerves)

Apart from that, some netizens also took the chance to poke fun at the stereotypes that if a guy’s from OCS, you’ll know he’s from OCS:

Image: TikTok (@pale.nerves)
Image: TikTok (@pale.nerves)

Well, there really should be no good reason to wear OCS shorts for CNY, but if you still really want to get a pair, you can get yours on Shopee here. One pair retails for $10.90, and judging from the reviews it seems like the listing’s actually pretty legit.


Or maybe you can just buy a pair to prepare for your OCS officer cosplay for Halloween…?

Also, there’s free shipping for purchases over $20. I guess you can get one for yourself and another for your buddy if you’d like.

But anyways, just for your info, my NSman colleague said 9th Div singlet is red as well. Anyone selling that?

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Featured Image: Tiktok (@pale.nerves) + Shopee (@dgsoldiertalk)