It’s Going to Rain Almost Every Day for the Next 2 Weeks

So you’re sick of the rain in the morning in the last few weeks because you can’t sleep in during such good weathers.

Well, you’d have to continue to fight the Z monster, because this is going to continue in the last two weeks of October, especially in the next seven days.

It’s Going to Rain Almost Every Day for the Next 2 Weeks

In the next two weeks, thundery showers are expected on most days.

On some days in the next seven days, there would be widespread thundery showers with gusty winds to Singapore and the surrounding vicinity between the pre-dawn hours and morning.

In other words, you’d wake up to good weathers to sleep in, and also lots traffic jams everywhere.

In the latter half of the fortnight, afternoon thundery showers are forecast on most days, with the showers extending into the evening on a few of these days.

Simply put, it’ll rain more in the morning for the next seven days, and more in the afternoon in the last seven days of October.

Overall, the rainfall for October 2022 is expected to be well above-average over most parts of Singapore.

Raining But Still Hot

Although showers are expected on most days in the next two weeks, the daily maximum temperature could still reach a high of around 34 degrees Celsius on a few days.

In addition, the wet weather may bring daily temperatures of between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius on a few days.

So keep your winter wear at home; we’re not entering winter mode despite the wet weather.

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