The Official Pizza Hut S’pore FB Page Has Liked Some Really Weird Pages

You might not know this, but… Pizza Hut’s pretty popular. Don’t tell them I told you that.

But yeah; Pizza Hut’s got pretty good fare for an AFFR: Atas Fast Food Restaurant. Its pizzas are fairly good, if I say so myself.

There’s just the price factor, but I feel its redeemed itself plenty with its latest promotional venture that makes your eyes become literal dollar signs. You can check it out here.

Right, back to the topic.

As a somewhat closet fan of Pizza Hut, I make it a point to view their social media sites very discretely. (I snigger when I see a photo of their pizzas, but that’s just me)

And on one of these trips, I stumbled upon something absolutely earth-shattering.

Shocking stuff.

Even your distant aunt that you haven’t seen for years would be wide-eyed. And it’s not because her husband had been cheating on her with their family cat.

What happened was that I had logged onto Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

And then I clicked on the pages Pizza Hut had liked. A mini compilation of all its likes surfaced.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

Oh, Pizza Hut at Tampines Mall, eh? That’s like Russia from where I’m living, but who cares? Click. Guess where it lands to?

Image: ???

Wait what? I’m pretty sure I clicked on Pizza Hut @ Tampines, not McDonald’s @ Tampines. Maybe it was a bug? Let’s try again.

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Nope, same result. Hmm… what if I clicked another page?

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

Let’s look at the page ‘Pizza Hut @ Lucky Plaza’.

Image: ???

The ****? Wait, I just saw something.

Image: McDonald’s Lucky Plaza Facebook Page

Let’s try clicking on it.

Image: Pizza Hut Lucky Plaza Facebook Page

Alright there we go. FINALLY. Wow Facebook, way to go. Just because the page is an unofficial one, you redirected a user from Pizza Hut’s page to McDonald’s page?

Wow. Much wow. Applause. 11/10.

But you know what? I’m on a roll, so let’s explore more.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

Why are there Kiddy Palace and Starhub logos? I’m intrigued; let’s find out!

Image: McDonald’s Toa Payoh HDB Center

The Pizza Place page led me to McDonald’s. Once again. Alright no worries. Been there; done that. What about Mr Starhub’s?

Image: Jean Yip Haidressing Plaza Singapura

Oh wow, Jean Yip. Well played Facebook. I have no idea how pizzas can be linked to hair treatment, but I like it.

Surely there’s a correct one though? I’m not stopping until I find a correct link.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

There. Is. No. Way. They. Can. Screw. This. Up. Right?

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

Prepare the drumrolls please, because they finally got one right!


It’s actually their own page, but who cares? It just shows that they like their own page. No biggie.

Maybe it’s time for Facebook to iron out some wrinkles in that cloth, because it might cause some confusion for people.

Imagine clicking on Pizza Hut Lucky Plaza’s Facebook Page, only to be redirected somewhere else.

If it was KFC Lucky Plaza it could have been better tolerated, perhaps even understood.

But McDonald’s?

Hah, that’s like asking Ronaldo and Messi to swap wives. Outrageous. Yet…



On another note, do you guys have any pages of interest that create such hilarious cock-ups? If you have, tell us in the comments!

We might just feature it in an article!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Pizza Hut)