Ofo Buay Tahan Liao, Plans New Features That’ll Prevent Misuse Of Their Bikes


About a month ago, I wrote about bike-sharing in Singapore. Back then, ofo said something incredible.

A spokesperson from ofo had said the rate of such incidents were “low”. This is despite the fact that their bicycles are always on the internet news for the wrong reasons. 

Well, it seems like they’re out for blood this time. They are introducing several new measures and features to their bicycles.

A $39 Deposit On Registration

Image: straitstimes.com

From now on, users will have to pay a one-time deposit of $39 when they register an account. 

Rides are also now more expensive, increasing from $0.50 per hour to $1 per hour and capped at $2 for an entire journey.

This deposit, ofo said, is to encourage users to be more responsible in the use of their bicycles. 

Of course, they will lah. Because it’s going to hit them where it hurts most.

To Progressively Roll Out 500 New Bicycles With Security Features

Image: greatdeals.sg

One of the main reasons why their bicycles are targetted more often is because technology wise, those bicycles aren’t the most secure.

I mean, no GPS tracking, number locks that can’t be changed so you can unlock the bike even without logging in, what do you expect?

Well, no more.

These 500 new bicycles, ofo says, comes equipped with a smart lock which requires users to unlock the bicycle using a QR code and GPS tracking. 


Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, their older bicycles are not equipped with the same tech so they’re as good as lost.

The company added that it is currently exploring geo-fencing tech which only allows you to lock bicycles at certain locations, i.e. bicycle parking areas.

So the next time you steal a bicycle, you have to keep paying for it unless you’re willing to lock it at a parking area and carry it home.

Then you probably deserve to keep the bicycle just on effort alone.

From Now On, Better Keep Stolen ofo Bikes Inside Your House

Image: mothership.sg

The town councils are gearing up to regulate the bike-sharing system in Singapore, as well as riding and parking. 

Bicycles which are anyhow parked could be taken away, and operators of said bikes (like ofo) have to bear the cost of retrieving and storing the bicycle.

Image: memegenerator.com

That’s like people stealing your lunch, and have the lunch taken from the thieves by the discipline master. Then, in order to get back your lunch, you have to pay the DM “service charge”. 

Daylight robbery, this.

But at the same time, it’s effective because it forced ofo to upgrade their bicycles and improve security measures. 

Who knows, this might make us Singaporeans stop appearing like losers to the rest of the world? #FingersCrossed


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