Old Chang Kee Laksa Curry Puff Review: Tasty But Less Generous

Singapore is a food paradise.

That, you cannot deny.

We’re a melting pot (literally) of different cultures and we have the food options to show for it.

While that’s a good thing for us Singaporeans, it also means that F&B places in Singapore have it hard.

Instead of providing good food, they have to go above and beyond to cater to the whimsical, fickle tastes of Singaporeans.

Some of their efforts became a roaring success:

While others backfired spectacularly:

Yup, nobody’s going to let McDonald’s forget about their “salted egg fries” for some time.

And Now, A Curry Puff Expert Has Joined The Games

Let’s talk (c)OCK (Read: Old Chang Kee).

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried something innovative with their puffs.

What’s next for MCU after Endgame? Is there really a Dark Avengers? Is X-Men really joining the MCU? Here's a video on what’s next for MCU after Endgame (SPOILERS):

Previously, they decided to stuff chicken rice into their signature pastry and call it the Chicken Rice O.

And it tasted a-a-amazing.

So let’s just say that when we heard they’re going to infuse something new into their curry puffs, we had high hopes for them.

Old Chang Kee Laksa Chicken O

Most people would’ve known Old Chang Kee as the king of curry puffs. Their pastry fragrant and savoury, crispy on the outside with a generous portion of potatoes, chicken and perfectly spiced curry inside.

But what most people wouldn’t know, is that Old Chang Kee is the king of laksa too.

Don’t believe me?

Just head on down to Curry Times, which is a makan place owned by Old Chang Kee and order their Dry Laksa Goreng.

Image: Curry Times

Like my Indian uncle once told me: it’s easy to get laksa correct, but to get dry laksa good? You’d have to be a master of laksa.

And now, they’re putting their expertise on laksa and curry puffs together.

To create the all-new.

Amazing looking.

Laksa Chicken O.

According to Old Chang Kee, every bite is “laced with the wholesome and delectable Laksa flavour that is truly Singaporean.”

How Does It Taste?

Because it was a Saturday and we didn’t have handsomephotographer92 in the office, we had to make do with my photography skills.

Which, if you haven’t known, isn’t much to go by.

But hey, the picture’s enough for you to deduce something.

Unlike the normal curry puffs from Old Chang Kee, the laksa curry o filling isn’t as generous as their normal curry puffs.

However, every bite is infused with that deliciously savoury laksa flavour, with a generous helping of egg and chicken.

It’s like having a bowl of laksa if your bowl is edible and taste like a crust.

The Drawbacks

Besides the less-generous filling of the puff, there are some other factors to the puff that might just make you go nay instead of yay.

First, if you’re someone who’s 重口味 (prefers a stronger taste), be warned that the laksa fragrance in the puff is there, but diminished.

Two, it’s not spicy. At all. Good news for people who can’t take spicy food, but if you’re here for the kick, you’re going to be disappointed.

And no hum included.

Rating: 3/5

How Much Will It Cost You

Currently, a Laksa Chicken O will cost you $2, but if you were to get two at one go, it’ll be $1.80 per puff.

Better make sure to be fast because it’s a time-limited item, yeah?

You’re welcome! 😉

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