Ong Ye Kung Spars With Speaker Tan Chuan Jin in Muay Thai


If your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, would you go?

Well, the Minister for Health of Singapore says that you should.

When your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, you do Muay Thai

Mr Ong Ye Kung, the Minister for Health of Singapore, recently posted a TikTok which has since drawn the attention of many Singaporeans.

The TikTok captures Mr Ong sparring with Speaker of Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, in Muay Thai, otherwise known as Thai boxing.

@ongyekung When your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, you do Muay Thai. #HealthierSG ♬ original sound – Tiktoker

The work-life balance seems pretty good.

The TikTok was captioned “When your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, you do Muay Thai. #HealthierSG”

Even when making TikToks, he’s living up to his duties as the Minister for Health.

The TikTok starts off with a screen recording of Mr Tan jio-ing Mr Ong to try Muay Thai together.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

Aiya, if the Speaker jios you to Muay Thai, you have no choice but to go right?

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The TikTok then goes on to show the Minister and the Speaker doing their warm-up exercises such as doing jump-rope.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

Why do they seem to be more fit than I am…

The Minister shows us his Muay Thai skills in the TikTok video by throwing a few punches.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

The TikTok then finally gets to the most exciting part – when Mr Tan and Mr Ong start sparring.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

Never in my life did I think I would ever see a TikTok of a Minister sparring in Muay Thai, let alone with the Speaker of Parliament.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

The TikTok shows the pair throwing punches at each other and trying out kicks.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

The spar ends with the two bowing with their hands pressed together in front of their faces – a traditional gesture to show respect in Thailand.

Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)

The TikTok is then tied up with Mr Tan asking Mr Ong about his first Muay Thai experience, which prompts Mr Ong’s cheeky response: “luckily my opponent not so strong”.

Mr Ong notes that Muay Thai is really not about fighting, but about balance, core muscle and timing.

Wise words from the Minister for Health.

“There’s a sport for everyone, so keep healthy,” Mr Ong adds.


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Featured Image: TikTok (@ongyekung)