29YO S’porean Killed in Traffic Accident in Thailand After His Bike Collided with a Truck


Losing control at a curve, the motorcycle rammed into a truck, killing the driver instantly while leaving the pillion rider with internal bleeding.

This is the second case of a Singaporean involved in an overseas accident this month.

Crash in Kathu, Thailand

The Bangkok Post reported that an accident happened in the Kathu district of Thailand at 11.45am on 3 November.

The crash occurred at the Ayara Hotel curve in Tambon Kamala, which was described to be a hilly area. A red motorcycle was found on the road in front of a six-wheel truck when the police arrived.

Photo: Kamala Police
Image: Kamala Police, via The Phuket News

According to the Thai truck driver, he was driving along the road when he saw the motorcyclist in the opposite lane lose control at the curve. The motorcycle then rammed into his truck.

There were two Singaporeans on the motorcycle.

Instantly Killed

The force of the crash killed the 29-year-old Singaporean male rider instantly. His identity will not be revealed till his relatives have been informed.

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His pillion rider, 29-year-old Singaporean, Ms Natalie Sng Hui Yi, suffered internal bleeding. Both of them were taken to Patong Hospital.

Investigations on the crash are still ongoing.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Respond

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since responded to this news, stating that they are in contact with local authorities. MFA will continue to provide assistance to the families of both Singaporeans.

“MFA expresses its condolences to the family of the deceased Singaporean. We hope that the injured Singaporean will make a full and speedy recovery.”


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Second Case of Singaporean Killed in Overseas Accident This Month

This case follows shortly after the Taiwan Porsche case.

On 1 November, a Singaporean man was hit and killed by a Porsche car in Taiwan while crossing a road. The crash happened at such a high speed that the white Porsche SUV’s bonnet was severely dented.

Image: ET Today

The driver, Mr Xiang’s, breathalyser test showed that his blood alcohol level was at 0.58mg/l, which exceeds the legal limit of 0.15mg/l in Taiwan.

He claimed that the victim had suddenly “darted” in front of his car, and also blamed the accident on the dark and rainy road conditions as he wasn’t “driving fast”. However, this was Mr Xiang’s third drunk driving incident, after cases in 2014 and 2018.

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Featured Image: Tambom Kamala Administration Organisation