OnlyFans’ Titus Low, Who’s Now Also Very Active in YT, Handed 2 More Similar Charges


After being charged with posting obscene photographs on OnlyFans last December, Titus Low Kaide, Singapore’s most famous OnlyFans content creator, has been handed another two charges.

(Yes, posting OnlyFans-suited content on, well, OnlyFans can also get you charged in Singapore.)

Today (17 February), Low, 22, was charged with one count of transmitting obscene materials electronically, and another of failing to comply with an order prohibiting him from accessing his OnlyFans account.

This brings the total number of charges against him up to five.

As mentioned by the police, it is illegal under the Penal Code to transmit obscene materials by electronic means in Singapore.

It is also stated that “it is against the law to take part in or receive profits from any business where obscene materials are transmitted by electronic means or advertise the sale of obscene materials.”

Accessed OnlyFans Account Despite Ban

After being issued a police order on 11 October last year to not access or use his OnlyFans account anymore, Low continued to do so.

However, even after his account was seized by the police, Low found a loophole in the system: He emailed the site administrator and claimed that his account was not secure, which allowed him to change his password and continue using his account until he was caught.

He was then charged for doing so last year. In addition to that, he was also charged with two counts of posting obscene photos and videos on OnlyFans.

Shared Even More Obscene Photos

Apart from logging onto his OnlyFans account, Low also posted more material on his accounts. (Yes, accounts.)

After being issued the ban on 11 October, Low continued to access his account and even created another one.


It was then found that he had posted three photos and five videos of obscene nature on the second account and continued to do so for the rest of the year, posting 20 photos and 14 videos of the same nature between 14 November and 27 December.

Case Adjourned to 14 March

After appearing in court today (17 February), District Judge Lorraine Ho adjourned Low’s case to 14 March.

His lawyer, Kirpal Singh, was instructed to make representations to the prosecution, given that there is no plea offer on the table currently.

For electronically transmitting obscene material, Low is facing up to three years’ imprisonment, a fine, or both.

For failing to comply with the police order to not access or use his OnlyFans account, Low is facing up to six months’ imprisonment, a maximum fine of $5,000, or both.

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In the meantime, Low has taken his career to YouTube recently, where he shares various snippets of his life in vlogs and house tours.

His first video was posted around three months ago, and he has accumulated over 67,400 subscribers since then.

Watch his channel introduction here:

(Don’t worry, his YouTube account doesn’t have anything that’s NSFW.)


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Featured Image: Instagram (@titusslow)