UNIQLO Opening 5 New Outlets in S’pore This Year & Will be Revamping 2 Outlets


Welcome to UNIQLO!

Soon, you’ll get to hear that familiar greeting in more places near you.

Whether or not you’re a typical Singaporean guy whose wardrobe solely consists of UNIQLO clothes, you can’t deny that UNIQLO’s a decent place to get decent clothes.

So rejoice, because UNIQLO’s opening more outlets in Singapore this year, and the company’s expanding to heartland areas too!

UNIQLO to Open Five New Outlets This Year

Yesterday (16 February), UNIQLO revealed the first two of five locations of the new outlets that they’re planning to open this year.

And for the majority of us living in the heartlands, rejoice.

The new outlets will be situated in Ang Mo Kio and Clementi, perfect for when you don’t feel like travelling to town or an insanely crowded mall just to pick up a new t-shirt to wear.


The location of the three other outlets have yet to be revealed, but UNIQLO said that they will be revealed near mid-2022.

Regarding the choice for their new outlets’ locations, the chief executive officer at UNIQLO Singapore and Malaysia, Yuki Yamada, explained, “Our footprint in Singapore started in the heartland estate at Tampines.

“To complement our existing network of mall-based outlets, the new store at Ang Mo Kio 51 will bring LifeWear essentials closer to home to the heartlanders to enjoy shopping convenience.”

Apart from the new outlets, two of UNIQLO’s outlets will be renovated this year as well.


According to CNA, the two outlets are the ones at Bugis+ and Parkway Parade.

Ang Mo Kio Outlet to Be an Inclusive Shopping Environment

The 1,297-sqm large Ang Mo Kio outlet, located at 51 @ Ang Mo Kio, a standalone building in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, will aim to provide an “inclusive shopping environment for everyone across generations and needs”.

The store will be used to test out a few new features that UNIQLO plans to roll out on a larger scale in the future, such as wheelchair-friendly fitting rooms community partnership projects and sustainability initiatives.

UNIQLO aims to partner with special education schools and social service organisations to provide various services for those with different needs, making them the first retailer to do so.

So the next time you shop at UNIQLO, there’s no harm in feeling a little better that you’re contributing to a good cause!

Assisted Shopping Experience

One such service is an assisted shopping experience for customers with special needs, and slots for these sessions can be booked in advance according to individuals’ preferences.

Although most of these “special sessions” will take place during the store’s operating hours, customers can also request to book slots before the store opens for the day.

During sessions before opening hours, the lights in the store will be dimmed and music will be muted to better suit shoppers’ needs as it is beneficial for shoppers who face overstimulation or sensory overload.

Assistance from staff will be provided as well, and staff members will go through training to help customers who choose to shop during “special sessions”.

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UNIQLO Repair Studio

If you realise your favourite pair of UNIQLO pants have ripped from all your CNY gains (or gym gains), look no further than the UNIQLO Repair Studio.


The first of its kind in Asia, the UNIQLO Repair Studio will provide simple after-sales services such as button replacements, mending of split seams and patching of torn pockets.

If you’re wondering how skilled the staff members who’ll be handling your precious pants are, don’t worry; UNIQLO has announced that those involved in this service will be trained by a professional alteration service provider.

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