PastaMania is Actually Founded in S’pore. Here’re 10 Facts About This Brand

You would probably go to Pastamania to settle for your pasta fix, serving up a mean plate of spaghetti at wallet-friendly prices.

Most people would think it hailed from Italy or something, but it is actually a homegrown establishment!

On that note, here are 10 facts about Pastamania that you might not have known.


1) It started out as a food stall

I am sure you are used to eating at Pastamania in a restaurant setting but its first ever outlet was located within a food court in the basement of Scotts Shopping Centre!


2) It is 21 years old

The first outlet opened in April 1998, so it’s probably older than some of you!

3) It is located all over Singapore

It doesn’t matter if you reside in the west or east of Singapore, with 25 outlets all over; there would be a Pastamania outlet a stone’s throw away!


4) It is available outside of Singapore

Over the years, Pastamania has managed to break into the overseas market and now it has outposts in China, Philippines, Malaysia and the Middle East.

5) They offer pasta making classes

They are so dedicated to their pasta that they created a pasta-making program for kids who are 4 to 12 years old—Doughworkz.

Their classes are available at Pastamania Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre and Pastamania Singapore Management Univesity!


Kids will also learn how to make pizza!

6) Sweet pizza

Speaking of pizza, did you know that they offer a slew of pizzas as desserts such as their banana pizza, strawberry pizza and apple crumble pizza which is bomb af.


7) Are they a legit Italian restaurant?

One might argue that it isn’t considered a legit Italian restaurant coz it’s a local establishment, but hey, they offer more than just spaghetti.

They also offer fusilli, penne and linguine, so I am sure their fare will satisfy any pasta enthusiast.

They even have a tomato farm in Parma, Italy, and if that doesn’t scream Italian, I don’t know what does.


8) It wasn’t always halal

Did you know that Pastamania started off as a non-halal restaurant?

And only in 2009, it received its halal certification?

9) They are growing

They have launched Pastamania franchise partnerships in Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka so don’t be too surprised if you spot a Pastamania when you’re heading to the said places for vacation!

10) The best kinds of pasta?

I mean, we have to talk about their pasta—obviously. I am an avid fan of Pastamania, and there are two pasta dishes that are on the top of my list.


For cream-based pasta, it has to be their carbonara and for their tomato-based counterpart, it’s got to be the meatball pasta.

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