Man Allegedly Smashes Glass Bottle Over Another Man’s Head in Chinatown Hawker Centre


Alcohol and anger are never a good mix.

If you can’t hold your liquor, and you’ve got a short fuse on your temper, it’s best if you drink in moderation and know your limits.

Smashing a Bottle Out of Anger

On Sunday (15 May), a 44-year-old man struck a 60-year-old man with a glass bottle and a chair at People’s Park Centre in Chinatown.

According to Shin Min Daily News, an eyewitness who wishes to be identified as Ms Huang, recalled that she was eating at the food centre when the sound of glass shattering.

The 31-year-old accountant immediately looked over at the source of commotion, only to see an injured man clutching onto his wounded head while another man shouted at him angrily.

Image: (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

Upon witnessing this sight, other diners stepped forward to prevent the fight from worsening, pulling the aggressor to the side.

Allegedly, the duo had been sitting at the round table together with other people and drinking.

It’s unclear what they were arguing about, or if there was an argument at all, but it resulted in the younger man lashing out violently. The 44-year-old perpetrator suddenly grabbed the beer bottle and smashed it towards the elderly’s head, causing it to bleed.

Ms Huang said, “The injured uncle looked like he was in pain and was brought to a nearby table to rest.”

As seen from the photograph above, the victim’s mask is stained with blood as another helpful bystander holds a towel or tissue to his head to stem the bleeding while waiting for help to arrive.

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The Aftermath

In the images provided by Shin Min Daily News readers, the victim can be seen sitting on a chair, head buried in his hands, while the paramedic attended to his injuries.

Image: (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

AsiaOne reached out to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for more details.

SCDF confirmed that they received a call for assistance around 5:55pm that day from 1 Park Road. The paramedics subsequently conveyed the injured victim to the Singapore General Hospital for further medical treatment.

Erstwhile, the aggressor was arrested for voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous means.

If the 44-year-old is found guilty of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means, he could face a maximum of seven years in jail, or a fine, or caning, or any combination of the listed punishments.

Yes, we’ve scaled back on the COVID-19-related restrictions and we’re finally allowed to drink openly and party hard, but please do take care of yourselves, dear readers.

We’re born in a civilised society; why resort to violence when you can talk things out? 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)