PM Lee: Cabinet Reshuffle Will Most Likely Occur Next Month


The time has come—

Our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, said that Singapore’s upcoming Cabinet reshuffle will most likely take place in early June.

(So if you are wondering when is a good time to arrange for supper to rant and complain about the potential Cabinet changes, this is it lah.) 

According to The Straits Times, the move will most likely see current Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, PM Lee’s successor, promoted to deputy prime minister.

Updates After Upcoming Overseas Trips 

The Cabinet changes are currently ongoing and PM Lee added that these changes will only be announced after he is done with his upcoming overseas trips.

PM Lee is scheduled to speak at the 27th International Conference on the Future of Asia on 26 and 27 May, organised by the Nikkei business media group.

The conference is titled “Redefining Asia’s role in a divided world,” and will be streamed online and held in Tokyo.

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On Friday (13 May), PM Lee just concluded his attendance at the Asean-United States Special Summit in Washington.

After the summit, Singapore reporters asked about the updates on Cabinet movements.

“I am working at it. I had to focus on this trip, and I have another trip coming up in two weeks’ time, going to the Nikkei Conference.”

“But I am working at it and hope I shall be able to do it once I am done with my trips, which means early June,” said PM Lee.

Lawrence Wong As Top Pick For 4G Team

Last month, Mr Lawrence Wong was picked as top choice of Singapore’s 4G team of political leaders to head them.

This means he’s most likely to be the country’s next Prime Minister.

Still, Wong has since said that he’s “humbled and grateful” for the trust and confidence his fellow PAP MPs has in him to be in charge of the 4G’s leadership.

Wong started his foray into Singapore politics in 2011 when he contested as part of a five-member PAP team in West Coast GRC.


The 50-year-old started his political career as the Minister of State (junior minister) for Defence and Education.

Since then, he’s now most known as the co-Chairman of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MMTF) set up to combat the ever-evolving situation that is the COVID-19 pandemic.

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