PMD Rider Rides On Drain Cover To Circumvent Ban On Footpaths

After a long reign of terror from the ah bengs on e-scooters blasting siamdiu hits (希望你以后 ~), the Government has finally done it.

They said: enough is enough.

No longer will the citizens of Singapore have to fear for their lives or their loved ones’.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, here’s a catch-up for you – the gahmen has banned the use of PMDs on footpaths starting 5 November.

You can watch this video for more info:

While pedestrians are cheering for the day that had finally come after countless PMD-related accidents, not everyone is happy.

It certainly has its ripple effects.

GrabFood is warning people of potential longer waits, now that one-third of their riders are affected.

Many riders are furious at the government too by destroying their livelihood.

Of course, it didn’t take long for them to attempt to find loopholes.

No Footpaths? Okay, Grass Patches Then

Since the ban specified footpaths, the riders decided to use PMDs… on grass patches instead.

Image: Facebook (Niny Ahbee Punyer)

Pretty clever, eh?

Not in violation of the ban anymore.

Unfortunately, NParks didn’t think so.

Image: Imgur

Turns out, riding on grass patches could get you a fine of up to $5,000.

In comparison, the maximum fine for riding on footpaths is $2,000.

But okay la, footpaths got potential jail time of three months also.

No Footpaths or Grass Patches? Okay… Drain Covers Then

In just one day, the riders appear to have come up with yet another loophole.

Image: Facebook (Leonardo Clyde Alfonso)

Imagine this scenario:

*Rider rides on drain cover*

Police: “Eh! Stop!”


Rider: “Why? What I do?”

Police: “This is illegal!”

Rider: “Why? I’m not on the footpath, and I’m not on the grass patch.”


Image: Imgur

Can’t argue with that logic, eh?


If you want to watch the hilarious video, you can do so here:

Episode 2: foot paths and grass cannot ride. Let’s ride on the drain 😂😂Shawal McCoy Muhammad Junaidi Bunny Angah Md Budd

Posted by Leonardo Clyde Alfonso on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

But in all honesty, I’m quite sure pretty soon maybe PUB or somebody will go, “Wait. That’s illegal” again.

To Ban Or Not To Ban?

While the government has already implemented the ban, there are countless Singaporeans who are looking to appeal to revoke it.

They claim that their livelihoods shouldn’t be destroyed because of a minority of reckless youngsters.


While I can’t say I disagree, it’s people’s lives at stake.

Livelihood vs Lives – I don’t suppose there’s much of a debate.

A device that can reach motorcycle speeds on a footpath? It doesn’t take much to realise how dangerous that is.

Sure, it’s not a perfect solution, but this will have to suffice for now until we can figure out a scenario where everyone is happy.


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