Pokémon GO: Here’s What It Has Become in 2017


Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it was released in July 2016. You can see large groups of people gathering at Hougang in Singapore just to catch Snorlax.

When Pokemon GO was launched in Singapore

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Following its release, you see many articles published saying how teenagers don’t look out for cars when they are playing Pokemon Go by the road. Accidents on the roads were also attributed to the game. 

Many restaurants started making Pokemon-themed dishes to attract more customers as well as think of ways to lure both Pokemon and customers at the same time (remember ION and their month-long lures?).

People started getting bored of the game

After all the hype, you see its popularity declining starting in mid-July, which is 2 weeks after its earth-shattering debut and has steadily declined since then. 

From a report on Bloomberg, daily active users and user engagement are both down by roughly 30% from their peak. 

The initial hype started due to the fascination from moving around to catch Pokemon from all over the world instead of being stationary in one spot. The invention of having Pokemon appearing in real-life places also amazed people. 

However, after catching the Pokemon, there is not much you can do with them. In the traditional Pokemon games, you catch the Pokemon and bring them around to fight other players and Pokemon. However, in Pokemon Go, after catching the Pokemon, that’s it. 

In order to fight other players at the gym, you will need to level up your Pokemon and this will definitely take quite a while. 

Other than the gym, there is no quest or content for users to explore.

New Content Slated for Pokemon GO 

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Pokemon Go will soon release 100 new Generation 2 monsters and 86 new moves. There is also news that an active trading system will be introduced to allow players to trade the different items they have. Some of the popular Pokemon such as Eevee will go through evolutions for the upcoming Generation 2.

With the release of new monsters, people will surely hop onto the bandwagon in search of unique monsters. 


Hopefully, with the new trading system, more people will be inclined to stay in the game since there are more content for players to work on.

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