More PRC Tourists Visiting S’pore This CNY, Because #避年

While CNY serves as a tradition for Singaporeans to visit our relatives to receive blessings, it appears otherwise for our Chinese in China.

Instead, they are celebrating Lunar New Year by escaping China.  

“The Great Escape”


This new custom let families bypass the mobs, clogged roads and subways, lousy customer services and lastly- boredom. What might it be? Currently, the best way to do so is to escape China to other countries. Families are now leaving China for Singapore, and our neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand.

Coming from a 30-year-old lady, who works for a non-governmental organisation in Beijing, she stated that the last thing her parents wanted for CNY was a cheerless holiday with the family staying home in Shanghai. 

Spring festival

The essence of China’s seven-day holiday, also called Spring Festival, prompts more people to go aboard. This is due to the rising incomes and the expanding network of international flights. Hence, CNY became a major international peak for the Chinese airlines.

For many, this is one of the only two opportunities to take a long holiday during the year. While going overseas during the Spring Festival costs about the same as going to domestic tourist spots, many still take this chance to go on a holiday. This explains the increase in PRC tourists visiting Singapore this CNY. 

Furthermore, an editor for an internet portal in Beijing commented that when the entire family size shrinks, there really isn’t much to do at home, further fueling the mass migration away from China. 

So for this year’s celebration, if you see an increase in PRC from Jan. 27 through Feb. 2, don’t be shocked, now that you’ve known the reason behind it. 

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