Pringles Instant Noodles Are Sold in FairPrice Finest for $4.50 Per Bowl

Image: Facebok (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Back in October, we wrote about the Pringles instant noodles that’s taking Japan by storm, and our resident cat allegedly went to a secret room to pray that someone would send a few bowls to our office.

Its prayers come into fruition when Airfrov decided to send us these bowls:

With four bowls, we decided to try two of them while giving the other two to our Instagram followers.


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[GIVEAWAY] Yeah, you’re right: this indeed Pringles Instant Noodles, and we’ve tried it thanks to @airfrov . You can read our review in our app, but why not try it yourself because we’re giving a set of this gems to two lucky winners? You can’t get this in Singapore (yet) so you’d be one of the first to try it! To join the giveaway, simply follow our Instagram @goody.feed ( and tag 4 friends in this IG post! Giveaway ends on 11 November 2018, 11:59 p.m. But if you die-die want to have it, you can post a request in Airfrov. Yeah, that was where we got the packs from! #giveawaysg #sggiveaway #singapore #sgcontest #experiencewinning #contestsg #igsg #sgig #contestgram #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgeats #pringles

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(Note: the giveaway is over and the winner has collected the food—if you’re the winner, do tell your friends how it tastes! For the rest of you, do follow our Instagram page because we’ve giveaways like this regularly)

Back then, they’re only available in Japan, but we don’t need a crystal ball to predict that one day, a distributor would bring them in to Singapore.

After all, it’s almost like a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) nowadays: when a food product from overseas goes viral in Singapore, someone’s going to import it in. Remember the salted egg Indomie?

In fact, we even included this sentence in our previous article: “But hey, usually after we publish something like that, they’ll magically appear in supermarket after a week or so. Anyone else crossing your toes?”

And now, it’s here, though it took two months instead of a week.

Spotted in Changi City Point Fairprice Fairest

According to Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale, the Facebook Page that’s been going around Singapore physically to find good deals and unique products, the Pringles instant noodles were spotted in Changi City Point Fairprice Finest.

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It’s unknown whether it’s available in other FairPrice Finest outlets, but given that the other viral products were soon spotted in many places, I bet my boss’s car that you can find them in at least some other outlets, too.

And in accordance to the SOP, the price has to be unusually high, and it’s no different this time: one bowl is at a whopping $4.50.

That’s like more than double the price of any mainstream cup noodles.

So, does it justify the price?

Thank God you’ve got the Goody Feed app, because as mentioned, we’ve tried them before so that you can make an informed decision on whether to get them or not.

Pringles Instant Noodles Review

Our review is in this link, but if you just want a concise version of the review, here’s the snippets:

Sour cream and onion Yakisoba: 3.5/5

The noodles itself was pretty alright; springy and flavourful, with that distinct taste that comes with Acecook instant noodles. But boy, the seasoning…

That was the shit.

With every ounce of my strength, I tried to resist against that sensation that felt all too familiar:

Sour cream and onion, betches.

Indeed, as I swooped in for my second bite, I couldn’t help but wonder how they came up with this concoction…

And how it worked so well.

Jalapeno and onion instant noodles: 2/5

I chewed. And chewed.

And chewed.


And then it came in.

Not the flavour.

But the salt.

Damn this is salty.

(By the way, gotta admit that my colleague’s review is really drama-mama AF)

So, is it worth the $4.50 price tag?

If it cost mere $1.50, then we won’t complain much. But for $4.50? Unless you’re a die-hard Pringles fan, I’ll suggest that you spend the $4.50 on some Pringles potato chips instead.