10 People Received Public Spiritedness Award for Their Role in Fighting Off Beach Road Assailant


The Beach Road incident that occurred last Thursday (14 Apr) was horrifying on all levels.

And it could have been worse, had it not been for the quick-witted and brave passersby who fought off the assailant by throwing everything they could think of at him.

Threw Various Items at the Assailant

On Monday (18 Apr), nine men and a woman were commended for their public spiritedness in preventing the assailant from causing further harm to the bloodied victim before the police arrived.

The owner of Samurai BBQ, Leonard Shi, 41, and its manager, Jackie Tee, 30, first heard the call for help at the back alley of Liang Seah Street on 14 April.

They attempted to disorientate the man by shouting at him and throwing anything they could find, to prevent him from causing more harm to the woman.

At Zhong Hua Steamboat, a nearby restaurant, five other men who worked there, Lim Chee Kong, Lei Hai Qiu, Wei Chen Xiang, Lim Chee Wei and Lin Yong Ping, heard the call for help as well.

Realising the danger, they started to pick up plastic chairs, bins, pans and signposts, and threw the items at the man to distract him.


“I heard her shout, ‘Save me, save me. My hand is gone!’,” said Wei. He then picked up a chair and threw it at the attacker as the victim screamed for her life outside the restaurant.

The victim, Han Hongli, 41, was a familiar face to him as she worked at Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat restaurant, across from Zhong Hua.

Wei, 32, admitted that he was scared when he saw her injuries but knew there was no time to think. He then grabbed some napkins nearby and passed them to the woman to tend to her wounds.

Grabbed Ladder & Alerted Police

Two other men, Pan Xiao Shuo and Zhang Dai, were servicing an air-conditioning unit nearby.

They quickly grabbed a ladder from their lorry parked nearby, with the intention to chase the man away and to defend themselves against the man, while the man was along Liang Seah Street.

To Lee Kwee, a waitress at a steamboat restaurant nearby, ran to seek help from staff of a nearby hotel, who then alerted the Police to the incident.

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Awarded Public Spiritedness Award

The nine men and To were presented with the Public Spiritedness Award at the Central Police Division for their role in preventing the attacker from causing further harm to Han during the incident.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jeremy Ang said, “Their actions, which included shouting and throwing objects at the man to distract and disorientate him, helped to mitigate further harm caused towards the woman.

“Even though they were fully aware that the man was armed, their extraordinary bravery and quick-thinking in stepping forward, deserves our recognition and commendation,” he added.

Last Saturday, Cheng Guoyuan, 46, a Chinese national, was charged with the attempted murder of Han last Saturday. Both of them are still being treated in hospital.

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Featured Image: Singapore Police Force

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