Punggol Resident Claims Upstairs Neighbour Poured Urine Down


Even though the resident complained about this neighbour, other residents had no complaints and said they didn’t hear any noise or experience any unusual behaviour.

Are the claims real, or is this resident just targeting her neighbour?

Complained About Noise, Rubbish for Five Years

57-year-old housewife Ms Lin has lived at Punggol Central Block 602B for six years. She claimed that she has been suffering from noise and garbage from her upstairs neighbour for the past five years.

She alleged that there were “rumbling” mechanical sounds and knocking noises almost every morning and afternoon. There will also be sounds of someone running and pulling chairs, which greatly affects her sleep.

Additionally, about two years ago, she started finding hair, cigarette butts, dust, and other garbage on her floor by the kitchen window. She claims that these were from her upstairs neighbour.

There was even a strong smell of urine from the outer wall of her kitchen from time to time. She initially washed it with a water hose, but after the authorities sent her a letter telling her not to do that, she switched to using a steam cleaner.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Ms Lin said that she and her husband feel helpless about this situation. The other party has denied everything every time they confront him.

Accused Neighbour of Targeting Him

The upstairs neighbour, 51-year-old taxi driver Mr Xu, denied all of the allegations made against him.

He said that his mother used to live with him, but moved to a nursing home last year and has passed away. His girlfriend would come to the house, but only occasionally.

“I go out early and come home late every day. There is no one at home, so it is impossible for anyone to be making noise, throwing urine or littering during the day.”

He also said that although he does smoke, he has never thrown cigarette butts out of his window.

Apart from denying the allegation, he made a few claims about his neighbour as well, accusing them of baselessly reporting him to the authorities for taking in illegal foreign workers.

His home was raided four or five years ago because of this, but the authorities found no evidence.

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Noise Might Be From Pump Room

“In September 2022, the authorities also came to be to investigate a noise complaint made by a neighbour,” said Mr Xu, believing it to be from Ms Lin. The authorities investigated every corner of his house and didn’t find anything that could cause a persistent mechanical noise.

Mr Xu suspects that the mechanical noises Ms Lin complained about is from the pump room on the ground floor of the HDB block.

“When I come home at about 10pm daily, I can hear the sound of machinery from the pump room for about an hour, even if my door is closed. But I am used to it.”


He also said that he welcomes Ms Lin to come to his house to check for the source of the noise herself. Other neighbours interviewed by Shin Min Daily News said that they didn’t experience any noise issues from Mr Xu.

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