YPs Made a Mess With Water & Ice-Cream in Punggol McD & Left for Elderly Staff to Clean Up


You’d think that common sense or basic human decency isn’t a lesson that needs to be taught.

Well, you thought wrong, because three youths decided to make a mess at SAFRA Punggol’s McDonalds, and left it for a elderly staff to clean up.

It’s even stupider when you consider the fact that they had made a mess most probably for the sake of filming a TikTok video, which is essentially free evidence uploaded onto the internet for the world to view.

Hence, meet, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

Making the Mess

In the clip that has been re-uploaded by @singapore_incidents, a young man can be seen holding two cups of water while his two female friends are filming him with their phones.

He proceeds to hand them his mask—which is also prohibited indoors, by the way—to his friend, and then he pours the two cups of water over his head like some kind of bastardised ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, before they run out of the fast-food restaurant.


The young man shouts something incoherent in the interim, but it’s probably part of the stunt since his companions laughed.

According to the person who captured the entire sequence of events, this wasn’t the only thing that the trio did at McDonald’s.

Apparently, one of them had bought an ice cream, then slapped in on his own face and threw the remains on the floor, which created a huge mess.

Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)
Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)

That’s just a waste of water and good ice cream.


Boy, one ice cream cone no longer costs 60 cents, it’s 80 cents now.

Was it really worth it?

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Cleaning the Aftermath

The original poster continues to write that not only did they choose to abandon all responsibility for the mess they made, but they also forgot to clear their own trays.

Yes, the elderly staff is hired to help maintain the cleanliness of the place, but that doesn’t mean he should be subjected to extra work just because a group of teens are clout-chasing.

That’s to say nothing of how they had chosen to conduct their nonsensical actions in the middle of the walkway too.

The Netizens’ Unsparing Comments

Of course, the netizens were quite displeased with the teens’ actions, and they wasted no time making their disapproval known.

One netizen wrote, “‘Let kids be kids.’ Well, then the kids should also learn how to not burden the staff by cleaning up their own mess. They didn’t even clear their own trays. Dumb logic. They need to learn responsibility, not become public nuisances and think it comes without consequences.”  

Then, some comments went the typical Asian route, where the blame rested on the parents for not disciplining or teaching their children better. There were also comments that pushed the fault to the schools, for failing to instil basic manners in them.

Others, however, turned their heads towards the person taking the video, asking why they didn’t take any action despite witnessing the entire string of events?

They boy suddenly slapped himself with a soft-serve ice cream cone at first, perhaps the lack of reaction can be justified.


But when the male teen comes back two cups of water, surely the video taker must have known by now he was up to no good and stopped him instead of just sitting at the side and calmly filming the whole incident.

Sadly, the damage has been done and the elderly staff was made to clean up their mess.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@singapore_incidents)

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