Eatery Responds After Customer Complains About a Plate of Fries That Cost $8


While $2 Daiso products and 70-cent McDonald’s Ice Cream Cones have gradually become relics of the past, it’s pretty safe to say that most foods have still been kind of reasonably priced even with inflation today.

But as most of us will know, we might come across some odd and unreasonably priced items from time to time, and food is no exception either.

And it seems like this particular Facebook user experienced just that when she recently dined at Rasa Rasa, a restaurant located in Teck Whye.

On Tuesday (2 August), Facebook user Qeelah Redwan posted a photo of a plate of fries to her Facebook account.

While the plate of fries didn’t seem like anything unusual, the price tag definitely was.

“$8.00 for just the fries? You must be kidding me bro. Teck Whye Rasa Rasa you should do something about it,” she wrote in her caption.

For the record, a large pack of french fries at McDonald’s costs $4.20.

Netizens’ Response

After the post went viral on Facebook, several netizens also left comments lamenting how prices of everything have increased due to inflation.

Some also tried to make light of the situation, jokingly saying that the fries were “limited edition”.

Ms Qeelah also responded to some of the comments, saying that the fries were indeed overpriced even with inflation since other dishes such as fried kway teow goreng only cost $7 at the same place.


Other netizens chimed in by saying that it would have been much more worth it for her to fry up some fries at home instead of buying them from the restaurant, while a handful shared their experiences with overpriced food as well.

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Rasa Rasa’s Response

In response to queries from MS News, Rasa Rasa @ Teck Whye explained that they recently carried out a market survey regarding food prices.

According to the survey results, food prices have increased by 40% overall, prompting them to increase their prices in order to continue to keep up with the business.

Rasa Rasa added that their products have no hidden prices, and that customers are made aware of the prices when they order them.

The management also emphasised that the restaurant has continued to maintain its food quality standards and serving sizes since the restaurant opened its doors.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Qeelah Redwan)