Raybe Oh Responds to Hate Comments; Says That She ‘Deserves It’

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Imagine losing your fiance, going through multiple operations to lead a normal life again, and having to face netizens who decided it’s okay to openly express their glee at the death of your fiance and his friends.

That is what Raybe Oh, fiancee of Mr Jonathan Long, who was the driver during the fatal car accident at Tanjong Pagar.

Facing Haters Again After Coroner’s Inquiry

On 9 Jun 2022, a coroner’s inquiry for the Tanjong Pagar fatal car crash was held.

It was revealed that the driver was drink-driving and speeding at 148kmh.

While the inquiry brought closure to Mr Long’s family, it also brought back the online hate that Raybe Oh faced.

The comments target both her and Mr Long, and some even went further to curse both of their families.

There were a few that also expressed their glee over the deaths of the five men.

“I Deserve It”

Speaking to reporters, Ms Oh said that she “deserves” the comments.

“I deserve it. I know there will be many unkind comments, but I choose to read them.

“I am sorry for setting a bad example, and I am paying the price.”

Raybe Oh via StraitsTimes

However, while she is still able to handle the comments against her, she pleaded that Mr Long and their families have nothing to do with this incident.

“Our parents have gone through so much. They are good people who gave their all to raise us. Please leave the elderly alone. We are accountable for what happened, not them.”

Raybe Oh via StraitsTimes

While she felt that she has been handling the aftermath well, she found that the pain recently has been “unbearable”.

“I thought I was handling everything well. But now I can’t. I no longer have the courage to watch the videos from that night.

“I lost my best friend, whom I shared everything with,” she said. “The pain hits differently when I think about how I can no longer rant to him or get a hug from him after a rough day.”

Raybe Oh via StraitsTimes

Ms Oh also revealed that she has been getting professional help and therapy to deal with the trauma of that night.

Currently, Ms Oh is still undergoing surgical procedures for skin grafting and to treat her scars.

So far, she’s been through 40 such operations and each time, she’ll be in pain for days after.

She went through an operation this week and will be undergoing one more in two weeks’ time.

Ms Oh’s motivation is to get well for the sake of those around her.

Before we end this article, here’s some food for thought:


How much is too much? And how far would things go before people decide she (and the couple’s family) has suffered enough to be left alone?

What do you think?

The Tanjong Pagar Fatal Car Crash:

Feature Image: Instagram (Raybeohhh) / YouTube

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