Dancing Raymond Got Kicked Out Again, This Time in Waterway Point

While it’s no secret that many TikTok users all across Singapore have been looking forward to getting a chance to dance with everyone’s favourite Uncle Raymond, it seems like his presence hasn’t been the most welcome as of late.

Uncle Raymond, who goes by @raymondl88 on the platform, shot to fame a few months ago after videos of him dancing along to his self-choreographed routine went viral.

Along with his “Thanks for meeting. Be happy.” captions, it’s safe to say that Uncle Raymond has become a pretty permanent fixture on most Singaporeans’ TikTok For You Pages (FYPs).

And if you still have no idea who he is for whatever reason, here’s what you need to know in order to catch up.

As fans would know, Uncle Raymond posts dozens of videos of him dancing to Hundred Years of Solitude by Hong Kong singer Faye Wong each day, and invites regular members of the public to dance with him in the videos as well.

Over the months, the 60-year-old managed to attract a large following, and now fans even go out of their way to try and meet him.

And for those who follow him, you’ll know that Uncle Raymond informs when and where his fans can meet him through pinned comments on his TikTok videos.

He usually updates followers on his schedule the day before his appearance at a particular location.

It’s no secret that many Singaporeans have seized the chance to meet the iconic man in person, as evident from the many videos that Raymond posts on his TikTok account every day.

However, despite the enthusiastic support that Uncle Raymond has received, there have also been people who haven’t been thrilled to meet him.

Just a few days ago, he was stopped by a security officer at ITE College West when he tried to film a video with three students at the school’s main square.

And it seems like this security officer at Waterway Point did the same thing as well.

Uncle Raymond Chased Out of Waterway Point

Just yesterday (14 June) afternoon, TikTok user @sg1754p_sg3076a posted a video of Uncle Raymond apparently being chased away by a security officer in front of Waterway Point.

The video also had the caption “uncle raymond kena kicked out of waterway point”.

A group of youngsters, presumably his fans, were gathered around the area as well while they watched the commotion.

The security officer was seen gesturing to Uncle Raymond while telling him that he was not allowed to film his dancing videos right in front of the shopping mall.

He also pointed to a line on the floor, possibly to inform him about the boundaries of the mall and to tell him that he could continue his meet-and-greet sessions outside of them.

On the other hand, Raymond looked confused throughout the video but remained calm as he tried to reason with the security officer.

After a brief exchange, Raymond appeared to follow the security officer’s instructions. He reached out to pick up his tripod stand and moved away from his initial meet-and-greet area.

Prior to the officer’s appearance, Raymond’s TikTok account showed that he filmed eight videos with his fans in front of Waterway Point.

Netizens’ Comments

After watching the TikTok user’s video, many users expressed their sympathy for Raymond and his encounter with the security officer, while others pointed out that Raymond was not even in the actual shopping mall to begin with.

However, there were also commenters who pointed out that the security officer was just doing his job, and that he probably had no actual say in the matter as well.

Apart from that, netizens also compared the incident to the similar event that happened in ITE College West.

“Raymond’s downfall is happening, and it’s all thanks to these people,” one user wrote.

TikTok users who saw the video of Raymond being told to leave at ITE College West also praised Raymond for his calmness and grace when handling the situation, and it appears that he responded to this incident with a similar attitude as well.

Raymond’s Response

After the TikTok video went viral, Raymond replied to the clip in a comment shortly after the incident.

In Chinese, he wrote that he initially chose a more suitable location to dance and thought that it would not obstruct the way of other people in the area.

He explained that the security officer told him that the location was unsuitable for him to film his dancing videos before proceeding to defend the officer.

“It was only natural for me to leave,” he added.

He ended his comment by saying that it was a small matter, and asked others to not complicate the issue.

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Moved Meet-and-Greet to Punggol MRT

After being asked to leave the area, it appeared that Raymond still found a suitable location in the vicinity to continue filming his TikTok videos.

According to the videos he posted on his TikTok account, he managed to find a spot near the entrance of Punggol MRT to film more dance videos with his fans.

After filming another ten videos there, he proceeded to Sengkang, his next location of the day.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@sg1754p_sg3076a)