Red CNY Renoma Briefs Back for You to Huat During CNY Ban Luck Sessions

If there’s one thing no one minds having a little more of, it’s luck.

Especially during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period, where tensions run high from Ban Luck and Mahjong sessions with your relatives and friends.

Maybe some of us need a talisman or lucky charm of sorts for the upcoming holiday but haven’t quite decided on what we want yet.

And if you’re a guy who’s still looking for it, we might have just the thing for you.

Look no further, because there’s…

Renoma’s Red CNY Briefs

For that extra huat.

From the striking, auspicious red colour to the grand, majestic tiger image, what’s not to love about the limited edition design?

As we usher in the year of the tiger, there’s truly nothing better than having a ferocious tiger by your side, safeguarding your winnings for you as you rake in more.

Even if you don’t gamble, it can still be a nice little CNY gift to yourself. (Maybe you can even wear it to job interviews to really make sure you’re as lucky as you can be.)

And hey, even the packaging looks super festive too!

Looks Familiar?

You got us on that one.

It’s actually not the first year that the French brand has rolled out CNY-themed briefs. They did it last year too, and if you’ve missed out on it, check it out here!

But dare I say, the brand has truly outperformed itself this year with the classy yet meaningful design of the tiger on the side of the briefs.

Additionally, the packaging also has images of tigers running across the entire box. I know no one’s going to be wearing the packaging lah, but it’s still nice, right?

Shut Up and Take My Money-

Alright, we’re pretty sure every guy who gambles (or even every guy who doesn’t) wants a pair right now.

The briefs are available at $22.90 for a pack of 3, and you can purchase them at TANGS.

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Don’t forget to head down quickly though, because CNY’s just round the corner and you wouldn’t want to miss out!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)