Remember Onew from DotS? He’s Under Investigation for Alleged Molestation

Remember Onew?


I’m sure SHINee fans would definitely recognize him.

But if you don’t, you’d probably recognise him from the cowardly doctor in DoTS.


Anyway, this good-looking Shinee member has recently made a name for himself by putting in a strong performance in Descendants of the Sun.

But did you know that he’s under investigations for alleged molestation?

Before you throw rotten eggs at my face and shout blasphemy at me for ruining your idol’s image, I’m not talking out of my ass here.

It’s true.

Onew Allegedly Touched Woman Inappropriately At a Club

On August 12, Onew had allegedly touched a woman inappropriately at a club in Gangnam Seoul.

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul has since announced that the singer had been booked without detention.

After the alleged incident, a friend of the woman called the police and Onew was promptly arrested.

Onew claimed that he can’t remember anything, as he was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

S.M. Entertainment Issued Apology, Mentioned That Woman Dropped All Charges Against Him


Shinee’s agency S.M. Entertainment issued an apology statement on August 13. It stated that Onew had visited the club to celebrate his friend’s debut as a DJ where he accidentally made physical contact with the aforementioned woman while drunk-dancing on the stage.

The agency also mentioned that the woman dropped all charges against Onew as she was aware that such incidents could happen when alcohol is involved.

Onew would assist with the upcoming police investigations.

It looks like SHINee fans would be relieved with the latest news.

After T.O.P’s recent Marijuana case, the last thing Kpop fans would want is to have another beloved Kpop idol taken away!

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