10 Facts About the Late Veteran Actress Wang Xiu Yun Who Passed Away on National Day

9 August might have been a joyous day, with all the NDP 17 celebrations, laughter and some questionable fingers, but did you know that it was also a sad one?

That’s because beloved Singaporean actress, Wang Xiu Yun, passed away on that very day.

Image: The Straits Times

In respect of her passing, we have decided to list ten facts about her you probably weren’t aware of.

She passed into the void at the age of 72, with kidney failure being the primary instigator. It happened on the morning of 9 August 2017.

It wasn’t known as Mediacorp when she started her acting career
Xiu Yun Jie, as she’s fondly known to her colleagues, started her acting path in the 1970s. It wasn’t even called MediaCorp then (not was it called TCS); it was called Radio Television Singapore!

She was the mum everyone wanted in the 80s and 90s
Her kind, motherly roles during that period were the ones that propelled her to national fame and made her memorable! Who could ever forget her solid and moving performance in the 1989 classic A Mother’s Love? (It starred powerhouses Li Nan Xing, Zoe Tay and Xie Shao Guang too!)

Image: The Straits Times

She left showbiz in 1998
She actually retired from show business in 1998, but her love for the craft never quite let her stray too far from the industry. She started teaching children’s acting classes in her spare time, and also took on part-time roles!

Image: The Straits Times

To make end meets, she started working as a salesperson. According to Xiang Yun, Xiu Yun Jie sold clothes in Metro, before moving on to Takashimaya to sell kitchenware.

She’s a really nice person
According to Xiang Yun, Xiu Yun Jie was really nice in general and never ever got angry in front of her before. In fact, they (the actors and actresses) would often tease the senior and she would jokingly ask them not to disturb her.

Xiu Yun Jie had diabetes, and because there was nobody present at home to take care of her, she had to be sent to a nursing home. Circumstances intervened, however, and she had to change homes a few times.

Rejection of Dialysis
Despite contracting a last-stage kidney disease, she steadfastly refused to undergo dialysis.

She actually appeared in 2009’s popular Chinese drama Housewives’ Holiday!
That’s right! For the younger generation viewers, Xiu Yun Jie actually appeared in the popular Channel 8 drama Housewives’ Holiday!

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Xiang Yun dedicated a touching Instagram post to her

Image: Instagram/ Xiang Yun

Rest in peace, Xiu Yun Jie! You will be missed!

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