Anti-Riot Officers Deployed to Clarke Quay After Crowds Sang Loudly Outside Bars


With the COVID-19 restrictions recently relaxed on 29 March, groups of Singaporeans were understandably excited, for it marked the return of Singapore’s nightlife since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

FYI, the sale of alcohol past 10.30 pm, as well as live music has been allowed in Singapore since 29 March. Patrons were also not required to wear masks if they were seated outdoors.

And of course, swarms of people flocked to bars over the weekend to finally get a taste of freedom and enjoyment after so long.

@dronemecrazy First Friday of freedom-ish #clarkequay #aprilfools #fyp ♬ original sound – Drone Me Crazy

Clearly, everyone was eager to have a good time.

In particular, many Singaporeans hopped over to Warehouse Singapore at Clarke Quay, which is well-known for its live bands and atmosphere.

However, the exhilaration soon died down as police officers in riot gear appeared at the scene.

Why? Because there were people who were obstructing the pathways outside the bar.


In this video, many patrons of the bar could be seen grooving and singing along to the 2000s hit song “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys, and it soon caught the attention of other members of the public who weren’t even drinking at the bar.

And so people started to stop near the open space and passageways right outside the bar to enjoy the music and soak in the vibes, with many people even waving their hands about like an actual concert.

With the relaxed atmosphere hitting an all-time high, a sudden, loud blow of a whistle interrupted everyone’s enjoyment of the “mini-concert” and caused everyone at the scene to turn around swiftly.


Needless to say, the whistle wasn’t part of the band’s instruments.

A bald man then comes into frame, and can be heard telling those standing outside the bar to “Go!”

Almost instantly after that, other men wearing security uniforms and police officers clad in riot gear appeared too, and continued to walk around while ensuring that those who were obstructing the pathway outside the bar were leaving the area.

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Personnel were also seen trying to explain to the passersby why they were not allowed to stand outside the bar in such a large group for a prolonged period of time.

There were also obvious boos from the crowd, and by that time the band had stopped playing. (Obviously.)

The bar’s patrons also looked on in bewilderment and shock, but the lively atmosphere at the bar soon returned as the band continued their performance after seeing that many people standing outside had dispersed.

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