Local Actor Romeo Tan Has Just Bought a Unit in Marina One Residences After Living in HDB For 35 Years


This is Romeo Tan.

Image: IMDB

You might’ve seen him in a lot of advertisements recently.

Specifically, this one.

And this one where he flexes his Hokkien.

But turns out, that’s not the only thing he has to flex recently.

Now, he can flex his new home as well.

Local Actor Romeo Tan Has Just Bought a Unit in Marina One Residences

On 2 May 2020, local actor Romeo Tan updated his Instagram with an exciting post.


A picture of atas house keys and a picture of him looking out from a luxurious balcony with the caption:

Feels like a new chapter of my life.

Turns out, he has bought an apartment at Marina One Residences.

Image: New Launch 101

Unit prices at Marina One Residences reportedly start from $1.67 million.

Image: Tenor

Has Been Staying In HDB For 35 Years

According to Zaobao, Romeo Tan has been staying in a four-room flat in Simei.

He had previously stayed with his parents, brothers, sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece.

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As he has to share a room with his younger brother since young, he had not much privacy growing up.

Well, it’s good that he’s now getting not just his own room, but an entire house, eh?

He also reportedly stayed over at good friend Elvin Ng’s semi-detached house frequently in the past few years as it’s nearer to the recording studios at One-North.

He has not renovated the unit yet but will be holding a housewarming party after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore has ended.

A Rags To Riches Story

Romeo Tan isn’t someone who comes from an uber-rich family.

According to a young fangirl of his who forced us to run an article on him back in 2017, he had to do odd jobs in his younger years when he was studying.

Jobs such as giving out flyers, working in McDonald’s; you name it, he’s done it.

An iconic story that he’d shared before involved in him fixing the internet connection for a flat owner. He complimented her for having a comfortable chair and she told him that he could “get one himself in the future when he earns more money”.


His body also wasn’t originally like this.

Turns out, during his ITE days, he decided to make a positive transformation and managed to lose 20kg.

He also worked hard to get into Nanyang Polytechnic and got himself a diploma.

Image: Giphy

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