Running Man Producers Now Apologize for Firing Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo


It seems like the producers of Running Man have forgotten that with the Internet, you can’t just sweep everything under the carpet.

So, here’s what happened, lest you’ve not been in the loop: two days ago, there was a shocking news about Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo leaving the popular show, and most of us presumed that it was a decision made by the members since they could have wanted to focus more on their core careers, namely singing for Kim Jong Kook and acting for Song Ji Hyo.

Then, in a surprise twist, it turned out that both of them were not involved in the decision: they were, essentially, terminated from the show, allegedly because the producers wanted new people to join the cast in its new season starting from 2017.

People were irate; the chemistry of the cast is one of the factors that made the show so successful. I mean, without the Commander and the Ace, who’s going to be the winner?

It got even weirder when popular MC, Kang Ho Dong, who initially agreed to join the show, decided to back out as it became “uncomfortable due to various situations”.

Either the producers of Running Man could not take the heat, or they decided to soften the damage by issuing an official apology to the fans.

According to Allkpop, here’s their apology in full.

“The producers of SBS’ ‘Running Man’ are making a statement on the current controversy concerning the change in members.

The ‘Running Man’ producers have been working with the goal of the last 10 days of January 2017 for season 2 in mind.

During this process, reports of the reorganization involving Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo unexpectedly made the news when we didn’t fully communicate with the ‘Running Man’ members. We ended up hurting Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, who were like family for the past 7 years. For that, we sincerely apologize to them.

The ‘Running Man’ producers also feel ashamed in front of the viewers, who’ve loved ‘Running Man’ for so long.

We once again sincerely apologize for not being more deeply considerate of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. We also apologize to the rest of the ‘Running Man’ members, who must’ve been confused.”

Not trying to be rude or anything, but they should fire the producers instead, and bring back the old producer, Jo Hyo-jin, who left the show two years ago. Maybe that would have changed everything; after all, he was the one who selected the members and made them a household name.

Just saying, you know.

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