Sadako from The Ring Now Has a YouTube Channel & She’s Now a Vlogger


In this day and age, everyone and anyone who has a smartphone and access to the Internet are more or less content creators in-the-making.

Even Chinese offerings these days provide paper-made smartphones and tablets for those who wish to keep our ancestors on track with the newest technology.

So it’s no surprise to see that there’s been an overlap between the two where the infamous Sadako from the horror flick, The Ring, now has her own vlogging channel on YouTube.

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The Daily Life of Sadako

It’s only been a week since the celebrity ghost’s channel was created and already the channel has amassed a following of over 56,000 subscribers.

The channel named Sadako’s Well Life or Sadako no Ido Kurashi contains daily vlogs made by Sadako to show her daily, private life as an actress outside of her work in her horror movies.

Her initial uploads include 30-second shorts that still gives viewers the creeps (at least in the beginning) when she makes that all-too-familiar creepy entrance via the television.

Later on, the iconic ghost gets more up close and personal with long-form content that captures her walking casually on the streets of Japan and a room tour featuring an old television set and a well that she apparently rests in:

Netizens Reaction to Sadako‘s Channel So Far 

Even though her daily vlogs has yet to include English subtitles or close captions to accommodate international fans, the fans are still excited about the concept of this channel.

One commented, “This is quality content, I didn’t know she was so cheery in real afterlife.”

Another was intrigued to find out that this was what Sadako was doing when she’s not busy haunting people.

Some have even said that they were surprised to see that Sadako’s character in real life was “cute” and that her hair “looks gorgeous” as per usual.

If you can’t get enough of Sadako, she has also uploaded a video where she answered a total of 100 questions from Japanese fans who were dying to get to know her:

Note to self: if even a ghost can start a side hustle to survive in today’s economy, so can you.


But by the way, watch at your own risk. You’ll understand if you know the plot of The Ring.

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Featured Image: YouTube (@Sadako’s Well Life)