All Saizeriya Outlets Have Reopened Their Free-Flow Drink Bars But You Need a New Cup for Each Refill


Saizeriya is quite well-known as a Japanese-Western fusion restaurant, boasting a decently sized menu with dishes sold at affordable prices. It’s a family friendly place to dine, decorated in soothing colours and low lights to create a casual ambience.

Another characteristic that makes Saizeriya stand out among its F&B competitors is their Free Flow drink bar, for beverages hot and cold.

Due to hygiene concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the free-flow bar unfortunately had to stay out-of-service for nearly two years.

Thank goodness it’s back again, because have you seen the drink menu when there were COVID-19 restrictions?

It was terrible!

Free-Flow Bar Open at All Outlets

Ever since the last week of June, Saizeriya has been gradually opening up their free-flow drink bars again.

As of 6 July, Saizeriya has confirmed with Mustshare News that all of its free-flow drink bars across all outlets island-wide are open.

Additionally, their Alexandra Retail Centre outlet now has a café menu concept, as they had just launched it during its grand opening.

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One Drink One Cup

Since COVID-19 is still lingering in the periphery, it means that some caution still needs to be taken, for hygiene purposes.

Diners are not allowed to reuse their cups when fetching a refill.

Diners are also expected to wear their masks when they’re at the drink bar.


Honestly, the new safety measures are no trouble for diners since they can just leave their cups at the table like empty plates at a sushi restaurant, but there’s some sympathy to be had for the dish washers.

Just thinking about the number of cups they need to deal with after clearing every table…

Yeah, good luck.

Nevertheless, keep these two rules in mind when you head over to Saizeriya to enjoy their food and drinks!

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Featured Images: Facebook (Official Singapore Saizeriya)