SAJC Student’s Rap in TikTok to Garner Votes for Student Council Garnered Support from Internet Instead

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If you have ever run for a position that requires voting, you would know the importance of garnering favour from the voting crowd.

These days, Gen Z-ers have taken to TikTok to publicise themselves and one particular student might have just won the Internet over.


TikTok Campaign Video

Priyanka, a J1 student from St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), who is running for student council, now has the internet rallying for her—all because of her viral TikTok video.

On 27 February, she posted a video of herself rapping and dancing to the beat of Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, telling fellow schoolmates why they should vote for her.

In it, she listed reasons such as her “oratory skills to voice opinions” and how she “puts the P in empathy”, a phrase that has become synonymous with her campaign.

Check out her rap, combined with the groovy beat of the music, all right here.

@pronkers vote R11😎😎 #whysa #whydontwe ♬ original sound – priyanka😋

Went Viral Overnight

If you haven’t been won over by that video, you belong to the minority.

Because just within a day, Priyanka’s video amassed more than 647,300 views and 60,000 likes, with many netizens expressing their support for her.


As of now, her video has garnered almost 800,000 views and over 67,500 likes.

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Many responded to her video with their own TikTok videos, saying how they would vote for her despite not even being from SAJC.

Most notably was influencer Nicole Liel, a popular face on local TikTok, who expressed her support for Priyanka, quoting her iconic campaign phrase “putting the P in empathy” in her own TikTok video.

Others flocked to the comment section of Priyanka’s video, leaving comments about how she “helped” them, a humorous way of painting her as an amazing leader.

Image: Screengrab of TikTok (@pronkers)

Another famous local TikToker, Kai, also commented, “you ate this up” and “you got my vote”.

Not Forgetting Other Candidates

Responding to the overwhelming support that she received overnight, Priyanka thanked everyone for their support.

Other SAJC candidates running for a spot in the school’s student council have also been posting their videos on TikTok.

However, netizens have not been so fond of their campaigns and some have even commented their support for Priyanka on the other candidates’ videos.

In a true leader mode, Priyanka urged the Internet to be kind to her fellow candidates when coming across their videos.

Needless to say, she has secured her spot in SAJC’s student council and one that she definitely deserves.

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Featured Image: Tiktok (@pronkers)