Salon Approached TikToker for Free Treatment But Eventually They Charged Her $88 for Botched Haircut

Last Updated on 2022-09-13 , 1:58 pm

One hairstyle can change the whole look. Just imagine Uncle Raymond having a perm; he would no longer be the Uncle Raymond we recognise even if he did the same dance.

So you can only imagine the pain one has to go through for months if they get a botched haircut.

TikTok user, amanda01wong or Amanda, thought she was getting a steal when a salon offered to sponsor a one-time hair colour treatment and a trim in exchange for a post.

She was elated, of course.

Turns out, it was not free at all and she had to pay $88, for a cut she did not wish for.

What Happened?

When Amanda reached the salon, she told her stylist that she wanted to keep her hair length but was thinking of getting some curtain bangs.

She was told that a fringe cut would be additional costs.

She agreed. Afterall, how expensive could a fringe cut be?

Shortly after, the stylist told her that her hair ends were quite dry and should be cut off. This was essentially a trim so once again, Amanda agreed as it was part of the “sponsorship” that they initially offered.

Amanda also emphasised again that she wanted to keep her hair length.

The service went on and Amanda received her hair colour treatment. But she was suddenly asked to do an express treatment which cost $176 as her hair was “damn dry”.

Amanda refused after hearing the price.

But another shock fell upon her when she was about to pay.

Instead of a small $10-$20 bill for her fringe cut, she was slapped with an $88 dollar charge.

“I feel scammed,” she says, “They offered me [a] ‘free service’ but they actually wanted me to pay for their other services.”

She did not say anything at the salon as she was paisei and she thought the cut was alright.

But days went by and she began to notice that her hair started to look weird.

People at her workplace and even her friends also commented on her hair and mentioned how it looked uneven and choppy.

After taking a closer look, Amanda realised that instead of simple curtain bangs, she was given a wolf cut—a hairstyle that has been gaining a lot of popularity.

She tried messaging the salon and the answer she received was that it was because the director stylist attended to her thus, the higher rates.

But when Amanda checked the salon rates, a simple fringe cut was meant to cost $18 only.

And now Amanda has to pay more to get her hair fixed at a different salon.

“Lesson learned: always ask what is the additional costs before saying yes.”


Most expensive haircut in my life….

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The TikTok video that Amanda posted has since garnered over 65,900 views and 3479 likes.

She has yet to reveal which salon it was but has mentioned in her comments that she will expose the company if the salon does not resolve her issue.

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