Former Local Singer Stella Huang Allegedly Divorced & is Dating a Caucasian


For the ’90s kids, you’d probably remember Stella Huang, a local singer and actress who was active in the music and film industry in the early 2000s.

Yes, I’m talking about the Singaporean actress who got to act alongside F4 member Ken Chu in Marmalade Boy back in the day.

And for those who were bedazzled by Huang back in the day, you’ve probably also heard of news regarding her marriage.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap: she married Taiwanese entrepreneur Armstrong Yeh, who is part of the LE BLE D’OR company, in 2011 and gave birth to Ashton, their son, in 2012. Since then, Huang has generally been out of the public eye.

In 2018, the Yeh family relocated to Vancouver, Canada, for Ashton’s education.

However, Huang, who graduated from the National University of Singapore, moved back to Singapore in 2020. According to her Instagram posts, she has since been enjoying her time by travelling frequently with her family.

Couple Has Apparently Divorced, Huang Seems to be Dating Caucasian

However, news about the couple’s relationship falling apart has spread amongst the public over the years.

In particular, sources have also revealed that Huang and Yeh got divorced sometime around 2020 after nine years of marriage, and that Huang has since gone on to date a Caucasian.

A quick look through Huang’s Instagram posts will also show that Yeh is currently nowhere to be seen, at least in her gallery of Instagram photos.

And despite not publicly announcing her new relationship, Huang’s Instagram photos have suggested that her “new boyfriend” has met her family.

More recently, Huang also posted photos of her on holiday with her family, with the same Caucasian man making a special appearance in her post as well on various occasions.

Image: Instagram (@stellangxiangyi)

Brother Did Not Comment On Sister’s Relationship

After news of Huang’s possible divorce and new relationship broke, Taiwanese media outlets contacted her younger brother for more comment since Huang has left the entertainment industry for a prolonged period of time.

However, despite not outright denying that Huang has gotten divorced he did not comment much on his sister’s current life as he said that it was not convenient for him to do so.

Apart from that, he only revealed that his sister is currently not in Taiwan.

As for Huang’s former manager, the manager claimed that they have lost contact with Huang for many years since she left the entertainment industry.


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Huang’s Baking Pursuits in the Past 

After Huang’s debut in the entertainment industry in 2000 as a “sweet” pop idol, her career was initially flourishing but soon took a dip after a reshuffle in her record company.

She then decided to leave the industry to set up a franchise for Awfully Chocolate in Taipei, Taiwan in 2005 with a partner. Both ended up investing US$200,000 into the business together.

However, her franchise was terminated two years later in 2007 by Awfully Chocolate, which also sued Huang’s company.

She was then ordered to pay the company around $224,000 and was issued a letter of statutory demand in January 2009 after she did not fulfil the payment.

Thereafter, she opened her own bakery called “Black As Chocolate” after her franchise with Awfully Chocolate was terminated.


However, her store was found to have sold expired cakes in 2012, causing the business to be severely affected. Afterwards, Huang withdrew from the business, which has since been managed by LE BLE D’OR.

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Featured Image: Marmalade Boy Wiki + Instagram (@stellangxiangyi)