Salted Egg Indomie Now Readily Available in NTUC FairPrice Finest

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest salted egg trends, you would surely be familiar with this little beauty:


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[GIVEAWAY] Do you know that there’s a Salted Egg Indomie? It’s not available in Singapore (yet), but we got a few packs from @airfrov and tried it, and let’s just say that our calories weren’t wasted. You can read the review in our app (link in bio), but why not try it yourself? We’re giving away 5 packs of these rare gems to one winner. Swipe right to see more! To join the giveaway, simply follow our Instagram @goody.feed ( ) and tag 3 friends in this IG post! Giveaway ends on 7 September 2018, 11:59 p.m. But if you die-die want to have it, you can post a request in Airfrov. Yeah, that was where we got the packs from! #giveawaysg #sggiveaway #singapore #sgcontest #experiencewinning #contestsg #igsg #sgig #contestgram #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgeats

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Produced by reputable instant noodles manufacturer Indomie, this little packet promises that familiar delectable taste of sumptuous Indomee, coupled alongside chunks of flavourful salted egg. In fact, it was so good we gave it a 7/10 (and we’ll have you know we don’t give out 7s that easily).

Incidentally, here’s a little snippet from the review article we previously did on it:

“The first bite, amazingly, lends such unique taste to my taste buds, that I can’t help but blink in surprise. Sure, Indomie tastes perfect on its own, but salted egg adds a totally different dimension to it. And as I take my second bite, I became more and more aware of that notion, and more aware that I actually like what I’m tasting. A lot.”

You can read more about that here.

Procuring it just got a lot more convenient

Previously, the only way of getting it was via Airfrov, and you had to purchase it in bulks of 10 packets to qualify. And lest you’re unaware, that kind of sucks, seeing how it’s hardly the most convenient way to get your hands on some ‘solid gold’.

But it seems that everything’s about to change, because, wait for it…

Our friendly Fairprice Finest outlets have arrived to save the day.

Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale recently disclosed the news on their page, alongside an irresistibly tempting caption:

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According to the Facebook page, the salted egg beauties are being sold off the shelves at Fairprice Finest outlets (not to be confused with Fairprice or Xtra), at $1 per pack and $4.50 for 5 packs.

And if you find yourself doubting the news for some reason or another, here’s the supermarket itself confirming the news.

Image: finestfoodsg Instagram


“❗️NOW AVAILABLE❗️We’re excited to be the first supermarket in Singapore to bring you the highly raved Indomie Salted Egg Instant Noodles! This pack of tantalising noodles will be ready in just minutes making it a super speedy meal. Now available in all FairPrice Finest stores, so be sure to get yours while stocks last! Who else can’t wait to try it? 😋 #finestexclusive”

Yes, folks, it’s real. Convenience has just become a reality!

Though there’s one just one sentence bothering me a lil bit.

“Now available at all FairPrice Finest stores, so be sure to get yours while stocks last!”

Well, guess good things don’t come in infinite amounts, I guess.

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So what are you waiting for?

If you’re a fan of Indomee, or salted egg, or both, or just quirky combinations in general, this shit’s for you. 

So head on down to any Fairprice Finest outlet located islandwide, for some wholesome, lip-smacking goodness!

Don’t say bojio ah!

Now if you would excuse me, I have a little something to attend to before the crowd gathers.

Image: Giphy
Image; Giphy

This is why I don’t like crowds. Geez.

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