Samsung’s Latest Ad Mocks iPhone’s Outdated Tech ‘Coz #ItsTrue

It’s nice to be the spectator when one giant brand is trolling another, especially when it involves two major phone names – Apple and Samsung.

A few days back (5 November), Samsung unleashed its advert which, well, picks at almost every way its rival, the iPhone’s been slow in upgrading.

Here – you’ll have to check the ad out first to get an understanding on what we mean.

You might need to keep some aloe vera or ointment handy nearby if you’re an iPhone user, as the level of burn you’re going to feel is x99999.

So, let’s just recap what you just saw.

For starters, it goes back to June 2007, where you see the main actor gazing at a load of people queueing up for the iPhone, with a tag phrase on the exteriors that say “It’s Coming”.

We can safely assume that he joins in and finally gets his very first iPhone in his hands that day, as he returns home and unboxes it.

After using it for some time, he takes a picture and realizes that he, well, can’t take pictures anymore SIMPLY BECAUSE there’s not enough storage on his phone. All iPhone users are definitely familiar with the stage then which involves going to “Settings” to manage your storage.

Absolutely hated that problem.

He gets another iPhone model in 2013, which is slimmer and smaller. Possibly the iPhone 5 series, and THEN the man meets up with a girl, and they exchange numbers

Their phones are, of course, placed next to each other. CLEARLY, her Samsung phone’s got a wider screen, better brightness and if that weren’t cool enough, a pen to scribble and have fun around with – even with taking down a guy’s number!

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Listen to the video and you’ll even hear him comment that she’s got a big phone, and look at her with envy while she’s not looking at him coz she’s Busy with her phone leh.

It then shifts on to 2015 and then 2016. Our poor guy tries to surprise his girl while she’s standing at the edge of a lake taking pictures of the sunset, and instead what happens is the both of them topple into the water below.

Samsung phone – survives. iPhone dies out and needs to be resuscitated in a bowl of rice (sound familiar, anyone?)

And then the final burn comes – he’s sitting listening to music and charging his phone at the same time because the iPhone battery is just THAT STRONG. Complete with cables and all.

His woman’s on the other end, charging her phone on a pod and it completes its work in record charging time.

The poor guy’s reached his limit. He takes his iPhone and dumps it into a drawer that’s full of other random stuff he’d probably never see again.

He finally opens another phone box, and this time it’s a Samsung phone. For once, he’s got a genuine smile on his face.

He later steps out in the crowd and sees people once again queuing for the iPhone, and just looks into the eyes (and probably dead lifeless iPhone owner’s soul), and then moves away from the crowd.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you burn on multiple levels!

Wait…is this based on a true story? Or based on many true stories?

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Featured Image: YouTube (Samsung Mobile USA)