8 Facts About Singtel’s Unlimited Data Plans You Need To Know Before Getting It

Last Updated on 2017-09-19 , 1:04 pm

Singtel users, here’s one more piece of news that’ll add to your T.G.I.F mood.

Singtel is finally having unlimited data plans as well.

And you know we only have M1 and Starhub to thank for that.

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In case you’ve been too absorbed in the recent Singapore Presidential Election and all the #NotMyPresident, #HalimahMyPresident hype, here’s what has been going on.

Singtel Announce Unlimited Data Plans

That’s right. After M1 and Starhub started their price war over data with Circles.Life laughing at the sideline, Singtel is ready to rumble with them.

On 15 Sep 2017, it was reported that Singtel has finally unveiled unlimited data plans, called Data x Infinity, similar to their rival, M1 and Starhub.


Here are 8 facts about Singtel’s unlimited data plans you need to know.

1. It’s not really a plan

I thought I’ll clarify that with you guys before going deeper into the rabbit hole.

The Data x Infinity isn’t a mobile plan, it’s an add-on. Similar to the DataMore add-on that most Singtel users are already using nowadays.

So you have a mobile plan with Singtel, and if you want unlimited data, just add it onto your plan and you’re ready to go.

2. Only for people who are re-contracting / signing up for a new mobile line

Going to re-contract or get a new line soon? Good for you! Enjoy the data x infinity add-on then.

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But for the rest of you who still have some time to go before you can re-contract, well, I feel you.

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Just suck thumb and go get a calendar to count down.

3. And it’s only applicable for Combo 3 and above plans

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If you happen to be holding on to a Combo 1 or 2 plan, then maybe it might be time to change it up.

Oh, and take note that each activation of Data x Infinity is going to cost you $10.70.

4. The cheapest Singtel unlimited data plan isn’t exactly cheap

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The price of the unlimited data add-on is a whopping $39.90 and it’s only available for Singtel Combo 3 and above plans.

This means if you were to want the cheapest unlimited data plan, it’ll cost you a whopping $108.80. Every month.

I’ll be very honest with you. This isn’t worth it. Here’s why.

5. The unlimited data isn’t exactly unlimited

Hidden within the fine print of Singtel terms and conditions for Data X Infinity is this.

If you use over 50GB of data on top of your mobile plan’s data bundle, your internet speed will be cut down drastically to 1Mbps.

So if you’re using a Combo 3 with a 3GB data bundle, use over 53GB and your mobile data speed will be cut to even slower than dial-up internet.

Now, this doesn’t really concern you unless you’re streaming 4K resolution videos without using WIFI all the time.

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6. You can actually share the unlimited data with your family

Good things must share, right?

Singtel understands this logic too so they’re allowing you to unleash your unlimited data on your family and friends.

Singtel users who go for the add-on can also pay for the supplementary MobileShare which allows the user to share his or her data with them.

Each supplementary MobileShare costs $10.70 per line.

7. Singtel can actually change the price of the add-on

Don’t take $39.90 to be set in stone.

Hidden within the fine prints is another clause that allows Singtel to change the price of Data x Infinity at any time they want.

Of course, they are quick to reassure customers that the change to existing subscribers of Data x Infinity will only be changed after their minimum subscription period (read: 2 years) is up.

For those who can’t sign up for a couple of months yet, just keep your fingers crossed, yeah?

8. Is it worth it?

Okay, this isn’t exactly a fact but I thought it’ll be good to add it in.

Is unlimited data awesome? Hell, yes. But does everyone need it? To me, that’s a no.

Think about it, are you using enough data to pay that huge amount for unlimited data?

If you’re on Combo 3 and you’re using lesser than 9GB every month, might as well go for a DataX3 add-on instead.

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It only cost $9.90 per month.

Unless you’re someone who doesn’t have WIFI at home or just want to binge-watch videos all the time, the Data x Infinity add-on isn’t for you.

But that’s just me. What do you think?

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