Science Centre & Snow City Reopening During School Holidays from 17 to 26 July

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Now that phase 2 has been going on for close to one month now, more and more businesses are reopening.

But of course, all of them are still taking the necessary precautions to ensure that there’s safe distancing so that the spread of COVID-19 can be contained.

Due to the pandemic, schools had to change their school holiday schedule and instead of having the June holidays like previous years, they had their holiday brought forward from 5 May to 1 June.

With this change, many parents thought that their children would not be able to have a proper break, especially since everything was closed when they were having their school holiday.

Don’t worry, there will be a term 3 school break in addition to the September holidays and it will commence on 18 July. The break will last for a week and will end on 26 July.

If you’re a parent who is concerned about what your child can do safely during this period, fret not, because a few very well-liked places are reopening.

Science Centre, KidsSTOP & Snow City Reopening During School Holidays from 17 to 26 July

Just to ensure that the kids will have a good time, Science Centre Singapore will be reopening its group of attractions starting 17 July.

A total of three attractions will be open during this period, Science Centre, KidsSTOP, and Snow City.

Science Centre & KidsSTOP

Image: Science Centre

Science Centre and KidsSTOP will begin operating daily from 17 July until 26 July from 10am to 5pm.

After the school holidays are over, both attractions will only open for three days a week, from Friday to Sunday. This will be effective from 31 July and will continue until further notice.

If you’re intending to bring your child there, please take note that there will be two sessions of admissions. Tickets will be available for online purchase onlyThis means that you will not be able to buy tickets at the venue itself.

  • Session A
    • 10am to 1pm
  • Session B
    • 2pm to 5pm

From 1pm to 2pm, the areas will be closed for disinfection.

Please do also take note that at any one time, the number of people allowed into the attraction per session is as follows:

Science Centre – 500 people per session (3 hours)

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KidsSTOP – 100 people per session (3 hours)

This is to help ensure that large gatherings and close contact over long periods of time are limited.

Snow City

Image: Snow City

Snow City will also be opening its doors on 17 July until 26 July, from 10am to 6pm daily.

Likewise, after the school holidays are over, it will only be opened for five days a week from Wednesdays to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. This will be effective from 29 July onwards until further notice.

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Snow City will also be closed from 1pm to 2pm for disinfection.

Tickets are available based on either an hourly or 2-hourly basis, and a maximum of 50 guests will be allowed in the attraction at any given point in time.


Image: Snow City

Safety Measures

If you’re still worried about your safety, perhaps the following measures that they have put in place would help put you at ease.

Also, Science Centre is SG Clean certified.

  • Safe Distancing Measures
    • There will be clearly marked queue lines, signages and ground markers in place in the entire attraction to make sure that guests are always kept 1m apart from one another.
  • Mandatory Temperature Screening and Contact Tracing
    • When you arrive at the attractions, you must have your temperature taken and must check-in and check-out through the SafeEntry system.
  • Personal Hygiene Measures
    • All key access points will be equipped with hand-sanitisers. Needless to say, you must be wearing a mask when you enter the facility. All staff will be wearing masks too.
    • There will be information signages and staff deployed around the facility to ensure that these rules are complied with at all times.
  • Daily Disinfection Protocol
    • In order to minimise any health risks, the whole site will be closed from 1pm to 2pm so that disinfection can commence.
  • Erstotizer Coating
    • A long-term German-based disinfectant coating has been applied to high-touch points and surfaces. These include push buttons, flip-covers and touch-screens, door handles and frames, turnstiles, staircase handrails, lift buttons, etc.
    • This disinfectant has been proven to be active against infections and can drastically decrease the amount of viruses, bacteria and microbes on surfaces coated with it.

Things To Take Note Of

In order to make sure that every guest’s health is not compromised, some exhibits and all shows will not be available.

If you would like to know what exhibits are available, you can click here.


As a means to thank you for your continuous support and to seek your cooperation for the timed session, Science Centre is giving away a $5 Curiosity shop voucher with every Science Centre adult ticket purchased and a $5 activity voucher with every KidsSTOP child ticket purchased from 17 to 26 July.

When you have arrived at the centre, please have your e-tickets or redemption vouchers ready so that contactless scanning can be done right at the entrance in a swift manner.

You are also encouraged to download the TraceTogether app and have your Bluetooth function on your phone turned on during the entire visit.

Please ensure that you keep to a 1m-apart safe distance and maintain high standards of personal hygiene. This means washing and sanitising your hands frequently when you move from one point to another.

If you start feeling unwell, please ask the staff for help. Gloves can also be given to you if you’re afraid.


There will not be any water coolers working that day so if you think you’ll be thirsty along the way, please bring along your own water bottle.

With that, hopefully you’ll have a wonderful day out with your child and continue the journey of exploring in safety!

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