Sembawang White Beehoon Coming to the West. Here’s Why You Should Try It

Beehoon, just like char kway teow, comes in two versions: the white one and the black one.

And white beehoon, just like char kway teow, comes in two versions: the bad one and the super-good-until-can-eat-ten-plates one.

When it comes to white beehoon (not the fried one but the gravy-filled one), nothing comes close to the Sembawang Bai Beehoon.

Located next to Sembawang Shopping Centre but not next to Sembawang MRT Station (confusing, I know), the orginal Sembawang White Beehoon takes beehoon to a whole new level: to the uninitiated, it’s like marrying the best hor fun gravy with the best beehoon.

Having tried it a few times, I can say that the queue is worthy it. The gravy isn’t too overpowering, allowing the beehoon to absorb the sweetness without losing its texture. I know I can’t be a food blogger, but you get the idea.

It’s good. AF.

Here, we even did a video on this.

And if you’re like some of my colleagues who think that there’s only one outlet, you’re wrong.

The original one is still next to Sembawang Shopping Centre but not next to Sembawang MRT Station, but they’re got three other outlets, namely one in Sun Plaza that is next to Sembwang MRT Station (hehe), one in Punggol and one in Toa Payoh.

While I can’t vouch for the ones in Punggol and Toa Payoh, the one in Sun Plaza tastes almost the same – and it’s air-conditioned!

But you’ll have noticed something: the outlets are all in the north or central. And one that’s a tad to the east.

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It seems like the Meehoon God has realized that not all beehoon lovers reside in the north, central and east.

A few days back, the official Facebook Page of “White Restaurant – The Original Sembawang White Beehoon” (yes, they call themselves that because there are many other white beehoons in Singapore now) posted this image.

Image: Facebook (White Restaurant – The Original Sembawang White Beehoon)

There’s no description, but the image says it all.

Come December 2017, a new outlet would be opened in the west, and guess where it is?


If the words are too small, here’s what the “news article” said:

After months of speculations from various unidentified sources, White Restaurant has officially announced their addition to the family in IMM.

Touted as the best thing that could happen in Jurong over the past decade, many of the residents have been awaiting the launch of the White Restaurant in IMM. “I don’t have to travel to the North anymore for the original White Beehoon!” said Mr Jin Tam Jiak.

Since 1998, Sembawang White Beehoon, which has since rebranded as White Restaurant, has been the icon and pride of Sembawang for decades. There are those who crave for the famous White Boohoon, would have to not only drive more than 30 minutes to get to Jln Tampang (where the original store still is), they would have to also queue for more than an hour before they get to taste the heavenly White Beehoon.

Slated to open in December of 2017, the team at White Restaurant spent months scouring for the right place to open in the West, and finally settled on IMM. “We are very excited with the prospects of IMM, it has the right tenant & demographic mix that we want, and the concept of the restaurant will be updated as well. So we are very excited to see how it works,” said Mr Victor Tay, Managing Director of White Group.

IMM currently houses the largest cluster of branded factory outlets in Singapore, and brands like Coach, Nike, Calvin Klein and Club 21 have been the attractions for locals and tourists alike. With the newest inclusion of White Restaurant, IMM beckons to be the jewel of the West. The best is yet to come.

Not sure about you, but I would have given that guy who did PR for White Restaurant a raise. Why send press release and hope for an article, when you can just come out with one yourself?

And for those who’re here just for the food: the restaurant will be above McDonald’s.

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