Shake Shack’s New Outlet in Junction 8 Will Have an Exclusive Dessert


It’s happening folks.

Shake Shack has announced that they will be opening their ninth outlet in Junction 8 Mall this Thursday, 11:00am.

Image: Shake Shack Singapore
Image: Shake Shack Singapore

As if its burgers aren’t already its selling point, the fact that it also collaborated with local art talents is just *chef kisses*.

It’s Not Just For Foodies, But Also For The Art-Fanatics

If you have visited several Shake Shack outlets, you know that the American fast casual restaurant chain has been dabbling in the Singapore art scene for a while now.

For their Junction 8 outlet, they have collaborated with Singaporean artist Aeropalmics to present to their diners a truly illustrious dining experience.

Image: Shake Shack Singapore

Inspired by the lively atmosphere of the Bishan district, the gold metallic decoration hanging from the ceiling is an artistic interpretation of Junction 8 being a bustling intersection of multiple roads with varying heights.

But the reference is not limited to just the ceiling; it is also blended into the wall designs and even the lighting choice.

Image: Shake Shack Singapore

The extension of Aeropalmic’s artistic prowess includes the murals decorating the interior walls that actually have a double meaning.

Firstly, much like how roads intersect with each other, the colorful shapes and lines used by the artist are her ingenious visions of how the connections, friendships, and interactions that people experience converged in such spaces to give diners an all-around enjoyable dining experience.

Secondly, the cheery roadways’ knotting and swirling are meant to emit the youthful energy of nature, growth, and change, which represents the journey and connections Shake Shack has made over the years, from a simple hot dog stand in New York City to a gourmet restaurant with more than 300 locations around the world.

Here’s a pro tip: Bring your dates here, so just in case the conversation dies, at least you can enjoy the artwork instead of awkwardly staring at other happy couples.


Other Outlets With Great Art

Besides Junction 8, their outlets such as the one at Great World also partnered with Singaporean artist tobyato to design a spectacular mural characterizing the history of  Great World.

Its other outlet at 89 Neil Road collaborated with local artist SKLO (“Sticker Lady” Samantha Lo) to feature auspicious Chinese symbols, Malay roof eaves, and Peranakan tiling, as well as touches of Art Deco.

Junction 8 Outlet Exclusive Menu: Who 8 My Cookie?

Image: Shake Shack Singapore

Of course, for those of you who don’t really care about art (how dare you), the new outlet partnered with local bean-to-bar chocolatier Ronald Ng of Lemuel Chocolate to bring to you its exclusive frozen custard: Who 8 My Cookie, where creamy vanilla custard is blended with rich caramelized cookies and chunks of Lemuel chocolate. 

I just know for a fact whoever in Shake Shack’s team making supporting local businesses happen through these collaborations is earning +1,000,000 good karma. 

If you want to earn good karma yourself, Shake Shack will be donating 5% of its sales from the Shack Attackconcrete to the REACH Community Services Society, as part of its mission to Stand For Something Good®.

If you are not aware, REACH is a local charity that helps and empowers vulnerable individuals, families, youths, and seniors.

Early Bird Special

By the way, the first 100 will be able to receive exclusive Shake Shack swag items, including a jigsaw puzzle showcasing Aeropalmics’ artwork. 

For those like me who can’t make it for the first day of opening, I guess we’ll just have to make do with our TikTok FYP showing us what we’ll miss out on.

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Featured Image: Shake Shack Singapore