Sharon Au Took MRT for the First Time in 27 Years & Was Impressed With It


When was the last time you took public transport? For most of us, your answer is probably yesterday, a few weeks ago, or, at most, perhaps a few months ago.

However, in the true Singaporean spirit of overachieving, the Paris-based Singaporean actress and host Sharon Au last took the train 27 years ago.

That’s certainly one for the Singaporean record books.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sharon Au Took the MRT for the First Time Since 1995

On Tuesday (27 Dec), the actress shared a video of her with the four-year-old son of Singaporean film director, producer and screenwriter Anthony Chen’s son, Ethan Chen. The video showed her and Ethan taking the MRT on the newly-opened Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).


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In the caption, the 47-year-old wrote that this was the first time she was taking the MRT since 1995. Back then, she was only 20 years old, and the Bukit Panjang LRT didn’t even exist.

That’s 27 whole years without taking the train. In spite of that, the actress was still thoroughly impressed by the MRT.

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The reason why the actress-host suddenly decided to take the MRT again? Ethan had insisted on showing her the beauty of the new TEL line.

The pair alighted at Thomson Plaza to enjoy Swensens’ ice cream together.

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The actress also shared that Thomson Plaza was “a mall filled with aches of memories for me in the 90s” and likened her travel companion to a time traveller bringing her back to her roots.

Image: Instagram (@sharonau13)

The video was aptly soundtracked by “Suite From the Polar Express”, a score from the 2004 film The Polar Express. In the caption, Au added, “One day, we will ride the Polar Express, Ethan. We have many lifetimes to meet. We will go back and forth through the sliding doors of Time”.


The actress also shared in her caption the ambition of her little travel companion.

It’s not to be a doctor, a policeman or other ambitions you’ll commonly hear from the little ones. It’s to be train station master or cleaner.

Imagine being greeted by Anthony Chen’s son when you take the train in the future—what a lovely sight that would be!

Life in Paris: From A Dream To A Nightmare

Au wasn’t always based in Paris. The former Singaporean actress and host only moved to Paris in 2018.

Earlier this year, the actress’ life was turned upside down after her Paris apartment was broken into. She lost everything in her apartment, and she was left with nothing but her pet cat.


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However, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying every bit of life. The actress continues to share many snippets of her life on Instagram, including glimpses of her recent return to Singapore.

Last month, the actress attended the wedding of Singaporean actress Rebecca Lim and also visited the cafe opened by Singaporean singer JJ Lin. The 47-year-old also shared a recent post of her exploring the Tiong Bahru market.


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