DPM Lawrence Wong Will be Delivering Budget 2023 on 14 Feb 2023


On Valentine’s Day, you would expect flowers, cards or chocolate from your loved ones. 

However, for the next Valentine’s Day, you can expect money talk from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong in parliament because— no money, no honey

Budget 2023 will be his second Budget Statement with us. This is such a romantic way to celebrate anniversaries with us. 

Where To Watch Budget 2023? 

Budget 2023 will be held on 14 February 2023. 

You can catch the Budget Statement speech live on local television and radio network stations or watch the delivery’s Livestream on the Singapore Budget website itself. 

Don’t have time to catch it live? Real-time updates will be available on the Ministry of Finance’s Facebook or Twitter pages. 

If you slept through the whole thing, you could still watch the rewind of it on the Singapore Budget website, as the entire speech will be published afterwards. 

Why are Budget Statements Important? 

Every year, there would be huge commotions about the Budget Statement. So why should we care about it? 

The National Budget Statement reveals the financial direction Singapore is taking in the new fiscal year (from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024) in response to the socioeconomic issues currently faced within the country and pressures coming from global problems. 

The government considers the country’s revenue and expenditure and makes relevant adjustments to allocate resources to help Singaporeans in need. 

Like last year, the Ministry of Finance implemented many new schemes, including a S$560 billion Household Support Package that helps us combat rising living costs. How else would you know about the gahmen giving free money? 

You can watch our recap of Budget 2022 over here: 

As you recall, the GST hike was first announced by former Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat in Budget 2018 to take effect in 2020. However, it was ultimately delayed till 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Budget Statement helps us stay prepared for uncertain economic climates and rising living costs. This way, we can better manage and budget our expenses for rainy days. Don’t say we never warn you. 

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Share Your Views to Shape Budget 2023

From now till 13 January 2023, the Ministry of Finance is seeking public opinion on what issues are plaguing Singaporeans, so they can finetune their Budget Statement to address these problems. 


You can share your concerns and give suggestions on themes such as the economy and workforce, society and community, and a green and sustainable home.

You can reach out (pun intended) to the government’s public feedback channel, REACH, or the People’s Association’s Ask Kopi Kakis page to share your opinions. 

Complain kings and queens, now is your time to shine. 

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