New Beautiful Interactive Light Show, Magical Shores, Now Showing at Siloso Beach


Always thinking that Singapore is boring? That it has no place for couples to explore? Well, then you got to check out Magical Shores at Siloso Beach.

Because that’s where, according to Sentosa, the trees and waters will come alive in front of your eyes.

What Is Magical Shores At Siloso Beach?

Here’s the intriguing synopsis:

When dusk descends, a wild, mystical magic stirs within Siloso Beach. A magic that brings the shores alive with a magnificent medley of light and sounds. One that transforms the environment with every move you make. And it’ll truly let you see nature in a whole new light. Come and awaken your sense of wonder.

Sounds like a Disney movie, in real life.

They promise that with the performance, the entirety of Siloso Beach will be transformed into a whole new world.

A Light Show That Viewers Can Interact With

If it’s just any light show, we wouldn’t be impressed. But one that changes depending on how you move? Now that’s cool.

And Siloso Beach’s Magical Shores claim to be able to do that.

With every move that you make, you’ll see visual effects change on the sand instantly.

They’ve sensors that detect the wind speed and people’s movement to create striking changes in the lights.

What Can You Expect From Magical Shores At Siloso Beach?

Expect to see the trees will come alive with soft lights and a symphony of music.

Watch the sand light up and watch how your footsteps create differences in the night.

Peer afar and watch a magical fog rise over the islets and settle in for a beautiful cacophony of lights and sounds.

And while it’s no fireworks, watch how light projections transform the night sky of Sentosa.

Here, you can watch their video guide to Magical Shores:


The Best Part?

It’s completely free-of-charge (excluding entry fees to Sentosa).

The show will be ongoing from 23 Jan 2020 and is available every night from 7.30 to 10.30pm.

I don’t know about you but if Magical Shores at Siloso Beach isn’t worth exploring, nothing is. 

Time to jio your friends or loved one and take a slow, enjoyable stroll along Siloso Beach liao!

You’re welcome!